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There are different ways to meditate. You can meditate when seated, while doing the dishes, or taking a walk. Walking meditation has become popular due to its numerous benefits for both our mental and physical health.

The technique helps to keep you active and alert, enabling you to develop a greater awareness of your immediate environment. Walking meditation is easy to adopt by anyone because walking is a normal aspect of everyday experience. 

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When practising walking meditation, you don’t just go on a stroll. Instead, you try to be as aware as possible of your body and physical sensations as you move. Focusing on these little details helps you to stay in the present moment.

How to practice walking meditation 

  • Choose your location

Meditation is best done in a serene environment. This means your location needs to be devoid of distractions or any form of activity that can disrupt your practice. You can choose to walk indoors as this will help to minimise the chances of being distracted and help you focus on being mindful.

  • Start 

Once you’ve found a suitable location, begin by grounding yourself. Take a few deep breaths for a minute, as you focus attention on your body. Observe how your feet feel on the ground with each step. Take note of the different sensations in your body. And become aware of your thoughts and feeling as well.

Start walking slowly and focus all attention on your movement – the way your legs lift off the ground and how they come back down. As you walk, take note of your thoughts and feelings as well. It is important not to place any judgment or analyze how you feel. Just notice your bodily sensations and thoughts as they arise and drift away. You can aim to walk for a duration of at least 10 minutes.  

Speed and posture 

Although you can walk at any speed, taking slow and small steps may be better for concentration and reducing stress. The steps should feel natural, not forced. 

You can keep your hands in any position: by your side, behind your back, or in front of you around the level of your belly button. Maintain a good posture. Relax your legs muscles. And make sure you are comfortable as you walk.

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Why you should try walking mediation today

  • Mediation while walking is an easy way to meditate for beginners and practitioners. 
  • Walking mediation improves blood circulation especially in people who have been seating for long periods and have low energy levels. 
  • Walking while meditating is a great way to stay active, which helps to boosts fitness levels and improve your mood. 
  • Walking meditation has been linked to creativity. Some studies show that it can increase clarity and focus – qualities that boost creativity. 

Now that you know the techniques and benefits of walking meditation, set out some time every day to start practicing. 




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This article was first published on 1st June 2020 and updated on March 11th, 2021 at 5:33 pm


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