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Staying healthy is definitely more than just paying visits to the doctor when ill. It entails a lot more like eating the right diet, exercising, managing your medications, and nurturing your body and mind. All these in a broken healthcare system can definitely set a discouraging tone to the prospect of looking after one’s own health.

Luckily, you can adopt a good app to help manage it all. Here are 5 apps that have set the bar high when it comes to healthcare in Nigeria


Privedoc is disrupting the healthcare system with innovative solutions that enable meeting with the doctor in real time. The app provides patients with the opportunity to video call and chat with doctors from the comfort of their homes at affordable prices. There are also options to meet with physically meet with doctors from the service’s subsidiary hospitals and partner centres around the country. With the guarantee to see the doctor as fast as possible and enjoy continuous quality healthcare, Privedoc is set to be the solution to various problems that plague the healthcare system in Nigeria.


Another app providing technology-based solutions to patients in Nigeria is Hudibia. Hudibia was founded by Ahjoku Amadi-Obi, a medical doctor, and researcher of Telemedicine in Nigeria. He founded the app to enable patients to search for a doctor anywhere in the world, book appointments, and live streams with doctors about their ailments. With these services and more, Hudibia is making the process of meeting with a doctor more convenient than ever.


With Omomi, parents can monitor their children’s health by getting informative tips on child health and keeping abreast of any important hospital visits. The app was designed with the “child’s health in mind” and has all the important features that cover all of the World Health Oragnisation’s (WHO) features.

On Omomi, mothers have a platform where they can discuss topics regarding the health of their children. There are also features like Daddies’ Corner – a platform for fathers to interact; Immunisation Tracking – an automated reminder for immunisation visits; GPS Locator of the nearest hospitals and health centres to facilitate emergency healthcare.


As the name implies, Find-A-Med serves as a reliable directory for users to find the nearest hospitals and health centres around them with ease. The app is essentially a repository of many hospitals giving users access to over 5000 medical centres with detailed information on caregivers, pharmacies, doctors, laboratories, and other medical facilities. In addition, there is a catalogue of reviews for every medical centre listed on the app to guide users in their decisions when choosing medical platforms.

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This article was first published on 27th May 2019 and updated on May 30th, 2019 at 4:30 am


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