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  Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, or trauma often translate to other areas of a person’s life and can interfere with their ability to have a fulfilling life.
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This is why it is important to get help and pay as much attention to your mental health as you would to your physical health. Unfortunately, mental health issues are still considered taboo in many places and highly misunderstood even by well-meaning individuals. It becomes more complicated when you consider that mental challenges are not always obvious and could stem from several aspects of life including relationship, career, and education among others. Thus, it can be incredibly rewarding to seek the help of a therapist. Therapists are trained to work with clients without harbouring any judgment or misunderstanding about their mental challenges. This sense of privacy and empathy goes a long way in ensuring the client is in a conducive environment for recovery. However, it can be difficult finding a reliable psychotherapy service, let alone finding one that meets your goals and needs.
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Therapy Tribe was set up to solve this problem and provide therapeutical services for individuals experiencing a wide range of mental disorders. To eliminate the hurdle of finding the right therapist, Therapy Tribe provides a “Find a Therapist” section on its website that allows you to search for therapists based on your location, budget, and expectations. It also makes online therapy an option in case one fails to find a therapist in their area. Being aware of the impact a healthy community can have on an individual’s mental state, Therapy Tribe provides a free online support community where members can connect, share ideas, and engage in wellness activities. The platform offers online support groups for General Wellness, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, OCD, Teens, HIV/AIDS, and more. Given how mental disorders are regarded in society, websites like Therapy Tribe are a dream come true for many with mental disorders. It gives people a safe zone to overcome these challenges as well as connect with individuals with similar experiences. There is no better way to build a mentally healthy society. Featured Image Source: Therapy Tribe
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This article was first published on 20th April 2021


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