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  Carrying out chores in a city like Lagos can be daunting. In addition to dealing with the stress that comes with such chores, one also has to put up with unexpected delays and disappointments leading to unproductive days and a significant sense of dissatisfaction.
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Pawa2u was launched to quell this problem by eliminating more than half of the problems customers experience when trying to purchase utilities. Pawa2u is a door-to-door delivery service offering basic power and energy services ranging from diesel, cooking gas, inverters, generators, and solar power systems. The service was launched to make life seamless for people who juggle different daily chores. In Lagos, for instance, many people find it difficult to handle chores due to delays and underwhelming services. Pawa2u is here to alleviate these problems by making it possible to refill gas cylinders, refill generators, and buy electricity just by tapping a button. Pawa2u was founded by Moronfolu Fasinro in February 2021. He describes the Pawa2u as a service
“… enabling customer convenience by bringing power products and services to their fingertips and also providing a place where they can be guaranteed of quality products and competitive pricing because we understand the industry.”

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How The Service Works

Pawa2u is accessible via its mobile app. Once customers have undergone the registration process, they can begin to place orders for diesel, cooking gas, or and search for the vendors closest to them. The app has an in-built GPS locator which allows users to track their orders. Pawa2u is a welcome development in a time when people are always on the go. The service has made it much easier to carry out our daily routines without having to worry about delays and unexpected disappointments. The Pawa2u app is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Featured Image Source: @pawa2u – Twitter
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This article was first published on 1st June 2021


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