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  Okra is a FinTech API that allows individuals to link their bank accounts to third-party applications. Founded in June 2019 by Fara Ashiru Jituboh, Okra was built to solve a problem that has faced Africa for a long time: the inability to connect third-party applications to African banks.
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Jituboh harboured the desire to make an impact in Africa before she hatched the idea for Okra. It was on moving to Nigeria and discovering that helpful fintech applications such as Mint didn’t connect to Nigerian banks that she got the inspiration for Okra. As a software developer skilled in over 20 programming languages, Jituboh had no issue building a solution to her problem of not being able to connect her fintech apps with Nigerian banks.
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What started as an attempt to fix an individual’s financial issues has grown into a company catering to reputable financial platforms such as Carbon, Axa Mansard, and Renmoney. Okra experienced exponential growth within just 6 months after its launch. Not only did it achieve the amazing feat of being the first startup to receive funding from venture capital firm, TLcom, it also became oversubscribed amidst a pandemic. In a continent such as Africa with a booming fintech space, Okra is bridging the gap between fintech apps and banks. Featured Image Source: TechCrunch
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This article was first published on 4th May 2021


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