Post Image started in 2017 to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. About a quarter of the population is out of work and 20 percent is underemployed. seeks to solve this problem by providing the youth with access to vocational and technical skills that set them up for financial success.

Read more about Websites We Love was founded by Michael Onobote, a techie who found himself immersed in the world of education. He had obtained a first degree in Information & Communications Technology but he was always involved in projects that were related to education. It didn’t take long for him to realise he was passionate about education. As a result, he sought a way to utilise his backgrounds in both technology and education to create a platform for the betterment of education. Through online research, he discovered the term “education technology” and went on a hunt for the best schools in the world to learn about the term. Michael eventually got a scholarship at Oxford University and subsequently took up an internship role in UNESCO.

With the knowledge and experience he had gained in education, he co-founded He first started the platform as a classified website that allowed people to list their businesses and get connect with prospective learners. However, this model proved unsustainable as it was not only tedious but also capital intensive. He redesigned the service into an online learning platform for skills acquisition. At first, didn’t seem like a marketable venture. The founders were however convinced they were on the right track when the saw that there was an increase in awareness of the importance of vocational skills development.

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Elearn can be accessed via its mobile application or website. The service provides courses in a wide range of fields including photography,  Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle, Food & Confectionery, etc. The trainers on the platform are well versed in their fields and include industry experts such as Ikeolu Biobaku, Gbenga Ayo-Dda and more.

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This article was first published on 11th March 2020


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