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  One of the problems that have stifled growth in the Nigeria eCommerce industry is poor logistics. Many eCommerce platforms are unable to carry out same-day deliveries due to inadequate logistics.
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Dellyman, a Lagos-based logistics company provider, has emerged to solve this problem. Founded in 2019, Dellyman is an online logistics company that aggregates logistics services and their assets into a single solution. The founder, Dare Ojo-Bello, was inspired to start the company after experiencing a delay for a laptop he purchased. Dare became curious as to why companies can’t keep their promises of same-day deliveries. Through research, he discovered that same-day deliveries are largely dependent on how quickly logistics operators are able to pick up an item. Although the commerce industry has grown in leaps and bounds across Nigeria and the continent, its logistics sector is still plagued by insufficient assets, poor technology implementation, bad government policies, and an uneven spread of assets. Dare launched Dellyman to eliminate these problems by aggregating logistics companies, their assets, services, service providers, and sellers of goods.
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Dellyman facilitates a delivery system similar to that of Uber’s by matching delivery assets close to the pickup points. This allows customers to select riders that are closest to them and track their orders to know their location and how long it takes to be delivered. Since its inception, Dellyman has made over 300 deliveries and onboarded about 400 logistics partners.
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While Dellyman has made some progress, it still has to compete against market leaders like MAX, ORide, Red Star, GIG Logistics, and Kwik. These platforms are already well established and have a strong brand presence. Dellyman still has some work to do to reach this level. In an interview with Tech Cabal, Dare explained the company plans to achieve this in a number of ways.
“We are looking at the model that would allow us to accelerate logistics operators so that they can bring their assets on board,” he said. “Our target is that by the end of the year, we should have about 500 to 600 fully verified active partners on the platform.”
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This article was first published on 12th May 2021


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