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  Imagine a Nigeria where everyone can access quality healthcare irrespective of their socioeconomic background, race, or gender. While this vision of Nigeria seems unattainable for many, some have taken steps to make this a reality.
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Itoro Inoyo and Jennie Nwokoye, two young entrepreneurs, are among the individuals looking to provide affordable but quality healthcare to the masses. To achieve this goal, they founded Clafiya, a digital platform that connects patients in semi-urban and rural areas to Community Health Workers (CHW).
Jennie Nwokoye and Itoro Inoyo are bringing hospital-to-home services to  rural communities in Nigeria | TechCabal
Itoro Inoyo and Jennie Nwokoye – TechCabal
“With our short USSD code, Nigerians with limited access to primary care services can register, pay, and request for the nearest registered CHW to administer home-based services,”
says Jennie. Clafiya operates on an AI framework, allowing for the application of predictive analysis to geotagged USSD messages for the surveillance of disease outbreaks within rural and suburban areas. With this information, government agencies are equipped with data to make informed decisions on resource allocation in impacted regions. Potential customers can register on the platform by dialling the code *347*58#. They will then be required to answer a few questions. After successful registration, they can proceed to buy a plan.
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Clafiya has four different plans, namely Basic (Pay As You Go), Single Plan, Maternity Care, and Family. Prospective users can select any plan they want and begin to schedule appointments. The Basic, also known as pay as you go (PAYG) plan costs #2000 ($4.9). The maternity package costs #3500 ($8.5). The most expensive plan on the service is the family plan at #5000 ($12.2). The goal of Clafiya is to meet customers wherever they are. The service is practical in a time when many Nigerians, especially women, are afraid to go to the hospital. As an inclusive service, Clafiya also caters to Nigerians who find it difficult to connect to the internet either due to poor network, unavailability of a smartphone, or lack of data. According to the Clafiya team, people like the service cause it allows them to be proactive about their health. They are able to call healthcare workers to attend to them in the comfort of their homes and get to choose who attends to them and at what time. Featured Image Source: Clafiya
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This article was first published on 25th May 2021


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