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There is a trend in town, the artificial landscape. More families and corporate bodies are switching from organic to artificial landscaping for many reasons. However, before you make up your mind let’s go through the pros and cons together so you can decide what’s right for you.

The artificial grass landscape is an aesthetic grass-like surface made from synthetic fibre. VP Grasse uses cutting edge technology to produce synthetic grass that looks and feels just like organic grass.


The organic grass is one of mother nature’s many beauties and there is absolutely nothing compared to her perfect craftsmanship. Which is why insects and other parasites enjoy the covering of natural grass, in which case turning your kid’s playground into a potential danger zone. Say you choose to fumigate the grass, some chemicals used for fumigation can cause more harm than good to your health whereas artificial grass is hostile to insects and other tiny creatures, therefore quite safe to play on.


While not completely maintenance free, artificial grass never needs mowing, watering or weeding. In fact, all it needs is occasional cleaning which can be done with the use of a rake. With organic grass, the reverse is the case.

Weather Friendly

Organic grasses tend to discolour when exposed to severe sunlight, however, artificial grass can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. Also, the life expectancy of any VP Grasse installed turf is 25 years.

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Damage Free

Unlike organic grass, synthetic grass can withstand high levels of impact and still look as good as new.


Because its survival is not dependent on any natural source, synthetic grass can be installed just about anywhere possible, and VP Grasse has got just the best kinds for your convenience.


The recurring cost of maintaining a natural turf can sometimes be overburdening, however with artificial grass, you get to save up on water bills and other maintenance costs.

I believe you have the facts you need to make the very best choice for either natural or synthetic turfs. To go artificial, not contact VP Grasse today.


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This article was first published on 24th August 2018


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