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  In a compelling documentary (Washed Away) by Arise TV, the coastal erosion along Lagos’s coastline is brought into sharp focus. Since June 2022, the team has been meticulously documenting the severe impact of the Atlantic Ocean’s relentless encroachment, especially in communities like Okun Alpha.
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The documentary, Washed Away, highlights the tragic loss of over 350 coconut trees due to erosion and shares personal stories from residents, like Mary, who was forced to abandon her home. Expert interviews and site visits reveal that historical urban development choices, such as the dredging of Lagos Harbor initiated during the British colonial era, have significantly contributed to the current crisis.
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Again, the construction of groins and other interventions have not stemmed the tide of erosion, which continues to threaten both residential and commercial areas. Efforts like the Echo Atlantic project aim to provide some relief, yet the documentary underscores a broader need for sustainable and well-planned responses to mitigate the ongoing environmental challenge facing Lagos.
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This article was first published on 2nd May 2024

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