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Just like Cabbage Fufu, Oatmeal Fufu and other variations of the African “Fufu” that emerged in recent times, Garden Egg or Eggplant Fufu is dough that is not prepared using cassava or plantain. Rather, it is prepared in a similar fashion like Cassava Fufu using either Eggplant or Garden Egg fruit.
The Garden Egg Fufu is a great option for those on a Keto diet or everyone who wants to cut down or their carb intake. It is very simple to prepare and requires only a few ingredients to make. Watch this video by Flo Chinyere to learn how you can prepare this healthy delicacy.
Flo Chinyere is a Foodie on Youtube who shows you how to prepare various Nigerian delicacies.

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Featured image source: Flo Chinyere

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This article was first published on 10th May 2019


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