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  In Nigeria, once people hear the word boat cruise, they link it with wearing white and dancing in a boat in the Lagoon. Many Nigerians travel to Dubai or other countries just to get on cruise ships for the boat cruise experience. In Nigeria, a boat cruise does not refer to an intercontinental or intercity cruise.
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Boat cruise activities depend on the type of boat being used for the cruise. We use yachts, powerboats, or trawlers rather than a ship for an hour or three hours cruise. We do most boat cruises at Ilashe beach, La Campagne Tropicana, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and at Lekki in Lagos State. So if you are planning a reunion, birthday, anniversary, or hangout and a boat cruise is your choice destination, here’s what to expect from it:
  • Food & Drinks

Not all boat cruises involve finger foods and drinks. Some are all about getting you to your destination. But if a tour company like Kampari Tours or a company like Prest Cruise is organizing the boat cruise, they will provide food and drinks. These are usually called picnic boats. On such trips, you can expect a fanciful meal with cocktails and wines or finger foods with drinks. They usually organize this package for couples’ hangouts, family picnics, corporate end-of-year beach cruises, and group picnic profiles.
  • Good Music & Entertainment

A boat trip can be boring with no music. On a boat cruise, there is usually a DJ on board to thrill the audience to cool jams.
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This usually makes it fun to dance while cruising. Some company-organized cruises like the Hi-Impact Cruise Eugene 1, have in-band live entertainment complete with comedians too. So ensure to ask what the onboard entertainment will be when signing up for a boat cruise.
  • Bomb Pictures

One reason people flock towards leisure boat cruises is the pictures afterward. When pictures of fellow citizens enjoying a boat cruise here in Nigeria surface, they make more people want to have that same experience. For you, it could be pictures of a beautiful sunset on a yacht. For others, it could be a groupie shot with colour-coded dressing. Some even love taking pictures to document their attempt at conquering their fear of being surrounded by water only. Whatever your reason, your pictures will be “da bomb.”  
  • Fun-Loving Co-Attendees
Networking can seem underrated. On a boat cruise, networking makes the difference between being lonely in a crowd and enjoying your time. When games are called for, fellow attendees who take part heighten the entertainment factor of being on the cruise. So going on a boat cruise will give you the opportunity to mingle with like-minded, fun-loving attendees.
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In Nigeria, we do day cruising, here the boat drives around with no specific destination. The price ranges from N25,000 per couple to N60,000-N120,000 per group of 10 passengers for an hour. The more the crowd, the higher the cost of renting the cruise service only. So all the fun and activities are onboard. So the next time you hear of a tour deal that involves a boat cruise, you won’t hesitate to jump on it.


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This article was first published on 14th June 2022


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