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Boat Cruises are not new on the Nigeria tourism scene. Initially it was just as a means of transportation on speed boats to secluded beach spots like Tarkwa Bay or Ilashe beach in Lagos. But it is evolving to become much more. We now have Jazz cruises, Themed party cruises, River Cruises, Lunch/Dinner cruises and even Photography sessions on Canoes! One fear that keeps many people away from Boat cruises is the fear of falling off and drowning. A few brave souls have posted pictures on the gram in live jackets dispelling that fear. As long as you take adequate precaution, a boat cruise is worth the try.   Here are three ways you can make the most of your boat cruise:  
  1. Enjoy The View
Whether you are on a speed boat, ferry or yacht, take out time to enjoy the view. Watch the sunset in the horizon, feel the breeze race through your hair, watch the ripples of the wave as the boat speeds along or the skyline of the town if the cruise is a 3-hour ride. Snap selfies and or group pics in your life jacket, listen to the history lesson from the tour guide as you pass through some parts of the town via the waterways. Just take out time to ‘smell the roses’ and you will be glad you did.  
  1. Indulge During The Buffet
Some cruise come complete with three course meals and wine tasting, while others come along with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Please enjoy yourself. Unless otherwise stated, go for as many helpings as you want. It is a buffet like the ones organised by hotels and you may not be able to take the food home after the water tour. So eat as much as you like and don’t forget to stuck up on fruits and veggies. They may have coleslaw and salad options you  haven’t tried before, try them. Don’t just stick to foods you are familiar with. Biko, enjoy, after all you paid for the trip.  
  1. Partake In The Onboard Activities
If your cruise is over an hour – not a quick stop at the next private beach where the picnic or the main groove is – there is bound to be a DJ and some onboard games. Let go and enjoy the rhythm; be it a dance competition or deep sea fishing. Make new friends before boarding and feel free to play games with them.   Boat Cruises are fast becoming a thing in Nigeria. There are lots of boat clubs or boat rental companies in Lagos like TheLagosParty and a few in Abuja like the Jabi Boat Club.   If you want someone else to handle the logistics of booking for a boat cruise, you can hook up with some tour agents who can arrange it for you like Halta Travels and Tours Ltd in Abuja, Skyteams travels and tours Ltd/Maruvi Tours and services in Lagos, etc. You can even sign up with the likes of Barnes the Wakawaka, Tours by Locals or Tour Birth whenever they organise such.   We look forward to a time where different states in Nigeria will offer this service.   Have you been on a boat cruise?  Tell me what your experience was ?

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This article was first published on 21st January 2019 and updated on January 23rd, 2019 at 7:20 pm


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