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A tech company is basically a company which focuses on manufacturing and selling technology or technology services. It uses technology as an edge or advantage with its product, product delivery or services. As such, tech firms may include but are not limited to businesses that develop software, internet services such as cloud storage, e-commerce services, digital electronics, and hardware.


Andela is an African tech company that identifies and trains software developers to become skilled enough to solve the global shortage of software developers. Andela uses technology to provide global solution through online education and recruitment process for software engineers. It started operations in Nigeria in 2014 and has multiple offices in several African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda and USA. Several tech companies such as the Zebra employ Andela staff to work on their own projects. With over 4 years of working, Andela has over 1200 software developers and 200 partners. You can hire a developer, become a developer or join the learning community with Andela.


IROKO is one of Nigeria’s largest internet and entertainment companies. It uses technology and internet services to connect viewers with Nollywood entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the mobile app, TV channels and global distribution partnerships. They have been able to modify the platform for African storytelling from beyond the theatre and cinema to a wider coverage and availability from the comfort of people’s location and at a very cheap rate. With an annual subscription of NGN 3,000 you can get access to the premium library of movies and block busters and can be used on the most common software – web, android and iOS.


Omatek Computers Limited is a technology company bridled with the vision to become a clear leader in the African ICT industry. It was the first factory to locally assemble computer cases, speakers, keyboards and mouse in the whole of Africa and also the first tech firm to be listed on Nigeria’s Stock Exchange (NSE). The assembling of these gadgets creates an opportunity for retail resellers all over Africa as well as to other computer system builders. Omatek Computers Limited has a factory which services as the manufacturing base for the company for the following products: notebooks, desktop computers, LCD screens, solar panels, speakers, phone casings, servers and multimedia products such as TVs. The company over the years has expanded beyond its state of the art facility in Oregun, Lagos to have a subsidiary in Accra, Ghana.


With a vision to build the most beloved and trusted shopping destination for Africans, Jumia connects Africans through consumer goods and services. Jumia is Nigeria’s largest online shopping mall with over 10,000 local vendors with a wide assortment of genuine products found on its website and app. It started in 2012 when Africa Internet Group launched the brand in four African countries; Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa and Egypt and has spread to 12 African countries now. It uses internet technology and app to provide for almost all types of products and goods. In April 2019, Jumia became the first tech company in Nigeria to go public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Jumia offers many services ranging from shopping, food order and delivery, payment of bills online, platform to make deals on anything ranging from cars to properties, electronics and even fashion items, real estate and hotel. Currently, an Easter sales is going on and you can participate here.


eTranzact is the premier e-payment solution provider in Nigeria that seeks to bridge the gap between the bank and mobile through the secured, convenient and cost effective means of making and receiving payments. It started in 2003 in Nigeria and has since expanded to other African countries including the USA. With eTranzact, you can pay bills, transfer funds, undergo ecommerce services and business to business services as well as process payment. Organizations and institutions such as universities, government parastatal, banks, ICT etc. use eTranzact for payment processing and other services.







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This article was first published on 18th April 2019


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