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Do you use a prepaid meter or are your electricity bills are estimated by an electric distribution company? Electricity bills, being a recurrent cost, is one that many people will want to save on. Reduction in energy consumption means you’ll pay less on bills, reduce your fuel consumption, and possibly reduce your impact on the environment. The following are some tips on how to save energy:

Replace old appliances with recent more energy efficient ones

This is because, over time, manufacturers make changes to their existing products and are able to make these newer products work more efficiently. This is true for almost all appliances: TVs, refrigerators, fans etc. The refrigerator you’ve been using for over 10 years might be using more electric units than you imagine. When buying appliances, look out for those with the ENERGY STAR label or ECO label. Those are much more efficient and will use considerably less energy.

Replace incandescent light and CFL bulbs with LEDs

LEDs (energy saving bulbs) are up to 90% more efficient than incandescent light and CFL bulbs. For example, a 15W energy saving bulb consumes one-fourth the energy consumed by a 60W incandescent bulb, has a much higher luminosity (brightness), generates less heat, doesn’t contain harmful gases, and even lasts much longer. Even though LEDs may cost more than incandescent bulbs, the energy savings from using them over time more than makes up for the increased cost. If you still have those “yellow bulbs”, please consider changing them with their white energy saving counterparts.

Turn off electrical appliances and electronics when not in use

When electrical appliances are not in use, turn them off. If possible turn off the supply to these appliances completely. This is because even though the appliances aren’t turned on, they still consume quantum energy. This energy can be as much as 10% of your home’s consumption. Unplug chargers and adapters from wall sockets when they are not in use.

Reduce the frequency or duration high power rated appliances are used

Reduce the number of times and/or the duration you use appliances with high power ratings. These are usually pieces of equipment with moving/rotating parts: fans, blowers, water pumps, ACs, freezers, washing machines, etc; and home appliances with heating elements: electric cookers, irons, water heaters, dryers, irons, microwaves, etc. When using ACs, ensure doors and windows are tightly shut to keep the cool air in and warm air out as this will reduce the cooling load and as a result reduce running hours of the ACs. Do not waste water so that you do not have to run the water pump very often.

Keep bulbs turned off during the day

Turn off outdoor/security lights during the day and use natural lighting indoors. Let sunlight illuminate your rooms during the day so that there won’t be a need to keep the lights on, hence reducing power use and heat.

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This article was first published on 7th February 2019


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