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Amala is an indigenous food of the Oyo natives. It has gained popularity among many Lagos resident. Don’t be surprised when you see CEOs, MDs rolling up their sleeves to enjoy Amala with abula at a canteen near your neighbourhood. This means that the food centre offers exclusive Amala with a ‘patronise us again’ recipe. Thus, Are you are a fan of Amala garnished with assorted meats, living or working in Lagos Island? Here are Top 5 Amala Buka you can patronise.

    1. Iya Eba in Berkely Street, Lagos Island

Iya Eba
A food spot you can find on Berkely Street, Lagos Island is Iya Eba’s Buka. This canteen is almost old as the street. Though the name Iya Eba sounds more like an ‘eba’ joint, the Buka geared popularity among customers for its Amala with abula (gbegiri ati ewedu).

    2. Marina Defence Car Park Canteen

Defence Car Park Canteen
This Buka is also called First Bank Amala. Visit this amala joint around 1 pm in the afternoon and you will surprise at the kind of crowd you will find at this eating place in Marina. If you are in Marina and need to fill your stomach with ‘amala dudu’, then you need to locate First Bank Amala.

    3. Topshot Amala in Parkview Estate Ikoyi

Topshot Amala
Parkview Estate in Ikoyi has a Buka joint. You can crash with a friend whenever you need to quench your hunger with Amala with gbegiri ati ewedu. Topshot Amala Buka is the eatery recommended for you, in case you want to enjoy hot amala in Ikoyi.

    4. Amala Phase 1 in Adeniji Adele

Phase 1 Amala
Amala phase 1 is an eatery situated in Adeniji Adele in Lagos Island. The canteen is known for its best amala joint in Phase 1 Adeniji for the last 30 years of its establishment.

    5. Ime Food Canteen in High Rise Dolphin

Ime Food Canteen
It is a small Buka in High Rise Dolphin Estate. In case, you visit this Buka around 1 pm when the tag ‘Food is Ready’ is placed outside. You may likely bag your food in disposable and then settle in the Buka. The Buka is well-known among workers in Dolphin Estate because of its finger-licking combination of ogbono soup and efo elegusi

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This article was first published on 21st July 2017


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