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If you need to know more about budgeting, read our article on how to budget. To the point of our conversation, the reason why your budgeting is not working are;

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Before creating a budget, we already have a lifestyle, and even though we know what we are earning, our lifestyle far exceeds our earnings. This makes it difficult for people to budget as the spending is more than the earnings, which is why your budgeting cannot work. You are yet to tell yourself that my spending is more than my earnings, so I need to work on it.


Find an accountability partner and work on your lifestyle. Write down things that you feel are important and things that are not. Get these out of the way so you can see how much is truly necessary, and tailor your budgeting to meet your needs.


Another reason your budgeting is not working is because of lack of discipline. Yes, lack of discipline. It would be best to be honest with yourself that you lack discipline, because even after seeing how much your lifestyle takes, you have found it hard to switch.


Inculcate discipline by setting reminders and timers that let you know where you are erring and help you stick to whatever plan that best suits you. The plan you have should be easy to ease into. It would help if you learned to discipline yourself. I cannot overemphasize the need to discipline yourself at times like this.

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One thing about peer pressure is that it makes you do precisely the things you say you do not want to do. There are good pressures and bad peer pressures. What this article is focused on is negative peer pressure. The one that comes from oppression on social media. You see people doing things they otherwise would not ordinarily do on various platforms—some people purchasing items you could never dream of at your age—purchases above your payslip. You want to buy that thing that is letting pressure affect you or self-pressure


Limit your visiting social media sites, especially sites that make you feel like you are not enough, or your earnings are not enough. Regulate your use of those platforms to gather helpful information. If there is a need, then set boundaries to physical friendships that persuade you to do things you don’t want to do. It would help if you had to find boundaries and sort that out for your good.

Here are three reasons why your budgeting is not working and the solutions you can use to make sure your budgeting works. These are very straightforward surefire ways to ensure that it works for you. If there is any other reason you believe is the reason why budgeting did not work for you, let us know your compensation below, and we will address it shortly.

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This article was first published on 23rd March 2022


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