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Life is full of choices and we make hundreds of decisions every day. Each day, we are expected to take some action, and that inevitably means deciding something.

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Sometimes these decisions are quite straightforward (require little thought) to make while others are more serious (complicated).

Regardless of how easy or difficult the decision is, making good decisions, especially in critical moments is very useful in life, especially if you feel indecisive about something and it is getting you down.

Decision-making is the ability to select an option from a range of choices. It involves choosing the best next step for whatever situation you happen to be in at the time. Making decisions might sound so easy and simple, however, a good number of people still struggle with making decisions.

This is because; most times, you become overwhelmed especially when facing certain problems and uncertainties.

When you face difficult and critical decisions, it is common to feel:


Stressed or anxious





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Tips to Make Critical Decisions

Give Yourself Time

If you want to make a wrong decision easily, try doing it under time pressure. You will unavoidably become trapped in making the wrong decision because it is hard to think clearly under pressure, and sometimes your first idea is not always your best one.

Therefore, give yourself time to stay on a problem for a while so that you can process your options before choosing the next course of action. You need some time to consider the data and the options and this is going to help you make the right choice.

Sometimes, you might come across a few situations where you’ll need to make a quick and instant decision without being able to think it over.

In this case, you should understand that most people would welcome the idea that you want to review the facts before making a pronouncement, so if you need extra time, ask for it.

Gather all the Facts

Making critical decisions is important in business and life generally. This is why you need to gather all the facts before coming up with a decision.

You can gather facts surrounding the issue by talking to people and studying the data.

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Afterward, you would realize that decisions are easier when you know the facts.

Weigh the pros and cons

When faced with a critical decision, firstly, think about the benefits and the risks involved as well.

Sometimes the cons are not nearly as bad as we imagine them to be, or the pros might make your options more obvious.

When it becomes difficult, you might need to involve other people to weigh the pros and cons.

Consider all the Possibilities

The decision you make can result in several different outcomes and not all of them may be obvious. However, when considering each option, don’t just list the positives and negatives; write down any likely consequences.

Seek other Opinions

Get the experts in your team, since the decision might be yours to make, it doesn’t hurt to get a second or third opinion. This opens your eye to another view or perspective of the situation.

Rethink your Options

Before you make that final decision, look over your options again. You might decide that your original decision is still the best one, but give yourself the option of changing course. If a decision no longer feels right for you, go through these steps again to figure out a better solution.

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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


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