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  A business profile or company profile as it can also be referred to, is a tool for presenting the major operations of a business in the most positive light. It summarizes a company’s mission, vision, history and position. A properly designed company profile makes it possible to quickly and conveniently disseminate the company’s vital information to the media, customers, clients, potential investors and the public at large. Regardless of the waves the internet and social media are creating in the business world today, room still exists for the good old conventional company profile. It may not always sell products but it sure has been and still is one of the most efficient ways of developing the image and credibility of a business. Now, while there are no hard and fast rules for writing a business profile, the tips below are worth looking out for so that you can come with a business profile which your potential customers would enjoy reading. Apply the KISS principle: KISS simply means keep it short & simple. Your company profile should not be too long. Rather, it should be succinct, original and command attention by concentrating on relevant information and portraying it in a way that readers will find exciting and engaging. Remember that many readers will simply scan the profile, taking in key phrases and concepts. Few people will read every word of the profile, so do not waste time telling stories. Section the business profile appropriately: this is important for the sake of organization and clarity. Rather than jumble up everything into one incoherent heap of words, section the company profile with appropriate headings and even include a table of contents if possible. This makes it easier for the reader to know where to find and what while improving the perceived image of the business. Avoid too many Jargons: your business profile should not only communicate to the learned but should also take the lay man into consideration. Use simple and easy – to – understand words especially in the description of key aspects of the business like the products and services section. That way every category of individuals is carried along. Add a touch of personality: spice up the contents of your business profile by including the human component of your company. This could include its impact on people’s lives, etc. A great company profile should not only focus on descriptions of products (or services), but also slip in some nous or personality of the business’ culture. Review it: yes. Go over the entire document again, possibly with the members of your management team. This gives room for other views as well as constructive criticism and corrections. A business profile isn’t exactly the most convenient document write – or to put together, but having one will certainly do your business a world of good. As a matter of fact, the business profile is one major aspect of your company’s business plan and having one spares you and your employees the trouble of always explaining every minuscule detail to your curious customers. Save time, save money by putting one together for your company.    

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This article was first published on 10th June 2014 and updated on January 30th, 2017 at 12:12 pm

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