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  There is always a tendency to see the world as a busy place, as an introvert. A business owner has to be interested in sales, closing deals, networking with people, and making bold moves, which might seem a lot for an introvert. The thought alone gets overwhelming. So how can a successful business be built and managed?
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If you are an introvert, take a cue from these 5 steps.
  1. Choose A Business That Complements You

This is where it all begins. Your business choice should be something that you inherently love to do, and complements your temperament. Once the business choice accommodates your temperament, every other thing becomes easy to plan. This also plays to your strengths and reduces the chances of being overwhelmed.
  1. Start Small

Don’t get focused on the diversity of operations. Focus on the little steps that are fundamental to the growth of your business.
  1. Embrace Partnership

You cannot and should not do everything. You are already at an advantage, because you realize your shortcomings. Find partners who can cover for you, while you focus on what you really love to do. Most introverts like routine and creative work. For other impromptu and outgoing activities, you can outsource to someone else.
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  1. Take Your Business Online

Building a business online minimizes social interaction, and you can stay in control of the process. You can create tailor-made responses for your customers’ enquiry, and network effectively without being anxious. There are different support systems now on social media that can help you and your business thrive online.
  1. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Unlike waiting for change to happen to you, you can become proactive and practice your response to change before it happens. Nothing great will happen to you until you stretch occasionally. This is your push and motivation to think about the uncomfortable and decide to push through it. There is also no said rule that an introvert should not be able to socialize. It is only that they have different approaches to socializing in a way that makes them most comfortable. It is time to normalize other ways of socializing than we are used to. However, the process can seem particularly complicated if you’re running a company as an introvert. The principles shared above will help every new business owner, particularly an introvert who is looking to gain visibility. The best part is that digital work has a number of opportunities that would profit and reward introverted people. With the right strategy on marketing, customer service, quality control systems etc. it will be a lot easier to manage everything about a business as an introvert. Featured Image Source: SHRM
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This article was first published on 28th December 2021


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