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You would agree with me that there’s a certain level of confidence you get when you laugh and your teeth dazzle. How awkward it is, indeed, to be in a gathering of happy people and suppress the urge to laugh out loud because you have a wrong colour in there. It’s time to restore your confidence back! Here are 5 tips for having whiter teeth:

Clean Out Food particles

The first step to ensuring whiter and brighter teeth is to always take proper care of it, by cleaning out food particles that are stuck on the teeth. Many times, the leftover particles we let take residence in our mouth are accountable for the yellowish stains known as plaques. Make sure you gently remove food particles which could leave lasting stains over time.

Avoid Foods That Could Dicolour Your Teeth

Erase from your diet, foods that can encourage the discolouring of your teeth. Yes, how do we know the kinds of food or drinks that can harm our teeth? Food and beverage which contain tannins can stain the teeth. These include wine, coffee, tea and the like. And if they can’t be completely erased, try to limit the intake of these beverages. Also, acidic foods have an adverse effect on the teeth by wearing down the enamel. The consumption of citrus, soda and other acidic beverages should be carefully noted and tuned down.

Eat More Pineapples and Pawpaws

Embrace the wonders of pineapple and pawpaw. These fruits contain an enzyme, bromelain and papain, respectively, that can help in whitening the teeth. You might want to start paying attention to them now.

Try Baking soda

In addition to whitening the teeth, this can also help in fighting bacteria. Either way, it is useful to the teeth. It is a safe way to wash off the stains as it gently removes the stains on the surface of the teeth, leaving it sparkling and good to look at.

Proper Oral Hygiene

All this can help in the maintenance and removal of stains on the teeth, but the most important factor is to maintain proper oral hygiene. This cannot be overemphasized as it presents the basis through which the strength of having a set of tooth free of stains lies. Don’t just pick a toothbrush and glide it over your teeth, make sure you floss properly and free the stains hiding in there. Also, keep the rule to brush at least twice a day. This goes a long way in maintaining good hygiene and whiter teeth. As we grow older, our teeth lose its brightness and begin to yellow with age. If we, however, maintain healthy oral hygiene, we can have our desired colour of teeth.

So, be much disciplined in the practice of these techniques and in no time, you would see the magical effects and finally be able to smile or laugh anywhere without feeling sorry about the condition of your teeth.

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This article was first published on 4th February 2019 and updated on February 6th, 2019 at 5:57 pm


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