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In recent years, poultry farming is increasingly being adopted as a form of business. Poultry birds, as lucrative as they could be, are not exactly easy to manage. This is due in part to the fact that they are fragile and require a lot of time, detail and attention in their care. Poultry falls under the category of white meat, which is considered generally good for the health and a good source of protein. Mrs Efeobokhan, a poultry farmer in Jos, Plateau State, notes that it could be pretty challenging managing a poultry business. “Poultry business creates lots of job opportunities especially in the rural areas and its consumption is very high (meat, eggs) so it’s a priceless sector to venture into. Also it’s a safe form of business in terms of health and one can benefit from it in terms of income depending on the infrastructure and farm size.” Poultry can be a lucrative business enterprise for aspiring entrepreneurs. As a result, there are a lot of things to consider before you take a leap into this type of business. Some of the things you need to know include:

Licensing and Registration

Licensing and Registration of a business makes it legitimate and recognized nationally and internationally, depending on the type of business. A registered business gives one the license of operation, which could fall under the following categories: sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. For more inquiries on business registration visit to learn more.

Organizing /Technicalities

The success of any business depends on some key factors such as organising and other technicalities. Successful poultry business requires a huge amount of organization, planning, knowledge and technical knowhow. An extensive study of the poultry production technique is highly recommended as birds are different in nature.


Poultry Type/ Breeds

Knowing the choice of poultry type and breed is a key factor one has to put into consideration. Poultry types include ducks, geese, chicken, guinea fowl, turkey, quail, and Ostrich. Breeds include egg laying breed, meat production breed, or both. It is advisable to choose the poultry type and breed according to your farming skill level. According to research, chicken is one of the safest to venture into as a starter.


Location of any business is very important to its growth and its success. Location is associated to environmental conditions like rainfall, sunshine, topography and vegetation, etc. Environmental hazards determine the kind of habitat to raise a poultry farm. Hazards include thieves, vandals, insects, disease outbreak, pollution, wild animals etc. In terms of location, one that is strategic and close to a target market will be of great advantage.

Target Market

Without any potential market there can’t be supply. No business can thrive without a market.

Before you venture into poultry business, do a feasibility study on your potential market. Once a market is found, do further research to know if it’s for eggs, meat or both. Ask if the market demand is high all year round because this will determine how you breed. Also put into consideration a backup plan or an alternative marketing strategy/sales plan to rely on in case of an economic glut.

Economic analysis / budget

An analysis and budget has to be properly drawn out that includes construction plans, equipment lists, costs, and other details required to construct a well functional poultry house. The following kinds of cost should be distinguished: Operating Costs– cost of chicks, feed, power, labour, maintenance, drugs, transportation, Capital Costs- land & buildings etc.

Just like any other business venture, starting isn’t ever a walk in the park. However, putting together pertinent information about the proposed business, in this case poultry farming, alongside a well-laid out plan is sure to greatly increase your chances of success.

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This article was first published on 4th March 2014

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