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  These days, businesses fail because they don’t have a business map to guide them into a proper organization and business growth as well.
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A business map is an activity of creating a process workflow that helps understand the structure and elements of a process right from its start to the end. It examines your business in terms of roles, responsibilities and standards.  It is a simplification technique applied by businesses that are looking forward to growth, by simplifying the entire organizational process, demystifying its components and workflows for the growth of the company. A business map can come in many forms, including flowcharts, diagrams and value stream maps, or it can be created with various types of software. It is important that you choose the one that works best for your company instead of being wrapped up in various forms of the business maps. The mapped outline helps businesses identify the gaps in existing workflows, and provides opportunities to optimize them, with the use of basic tools such as symbols and flowcharts. When you create a business map, it clearly shows that you are digging deep into your business to find out what really makes it grow and what doesn’t work for your business. This insight will help you create a better experience for your customers, your team members and yourself as well. With the proper and efficient use of business maps, you stand to earn more certainty about what your business needs to grow and remain relevant in the market and you’ll be better able to guide your organization in accordance with that vision. Benefits of a Business Map The advantages of utilizing business maps cannot be over emphasized, because from instigating growth, sales and helping business owners gain insights about their company, business map is a major tool to growing a business.
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Some of the major benefits include:
  • Helps you focus on the big picture
A business map ensures that the big picture of your company is always in the mind of the workforce on a day-to-day basis, in addition, it helps the company make long-term goals that align with the big picture for the company. You don’t just use your business map during the growth phases of your business, it is to be used for the life of your business.
  • Visualize your process
When your process workflows and tasks are in your employees’ heads, there is no visual representation or documentation of the process. This implies that employees would only follow what they are being told without having a visual picture or standard template themselves that can be used to guide their work process or even share, or use to train anyone. However, with business maps, you discover your processes and map those processes, using symbols and flowcharts, so that your workforce as well can visualize your process and follow the established version of it, instead of guessing and experimenting with tasks.
  • Solve Problem Effectively
Knowing your problems is a step to solving them, because you can’t solve what you don’t know. Business maps will reveal the level or phase your company really is and what its true problems are. This will allow you to take a step back from your daily management tasks and observe your business carefully.
  • Proper Risk Management
Growing a business involves various risks (high, normal or low risks), the problem faced by most businesses is managing these risks. However, a good business map will help you manage risk and compliance by documenting and managing your processes to help employees understand their responsibilities.
  • Closes Revenue Leaks and Operational Gaps in your Processes
Hidden process gaps are often the reason why there are revenue leaks in your processes, and these gaps can turn out to be costly mistakes if ignored for too long. Business maps give you a visual preview of your business processes, allowing you to identify the revenue leaks and operational gaps and serve as preventive measures that help you save costs and efforts to increase process efficiency and effectiveness. It is evident that every business that desires growth is expected to create a business map and apply it, not just during the start or beginning phase of the businesss, but all through the life-span of that business, that way, the business process can be properly organized, and the goals of the business can be met as well. Featured Image Source:
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This article was first published on 26th January 2022


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