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I think it was in April when I started thinking about starting a business on my own. I have been thinking about it for years but it was in April I decided to bring the first person into the conversation I was having with myself. He is a branding specialist and our conversations helped me spell out the details of the ideas that have been playing around in my mind for years.
I admire serial entrepreneurs because they are walking ideas. Whoever they talk to, they are spouting ideas left, right and centre while for some of us, the light bulb turns on once in a while and we go, “that is IT”.
I have read from some books about entrepreneurship and business that the idea is key but nothing changes if you don’t decipher the idea and break it down into actionable steps that would make it a business. Most people stay stuck in the wonder bubble of an idea and think of new ideas to add and nothing changes still.
An idea is powerful and beautiful. When it comes to you, it intrigues you and you feel its weight and sometimes it might make you feel inadequate hence the fear and the feeling you have sometimes and you want to drop it altogether. But in and of itself, ideas cannot make things happen on their own. Executing and acting on them do. This is why you need to get out of the bubble and start executing. To become better than the other 99% who are executing their ideas, find what makes your idea unique and let your execution be beautifully done.
So don’t go on the search for new ideas if you are not naturally inclined. You don’t need any more. In that one idea is so much depth waiting to break out. Take time to break it down, mold it up, build on it, play with it, exhaust all you can on it. Let all the magnificence buried in that one idea shine brightly before moving to the next one.

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This article was first published on 30th December 2015

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