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About two weeks ago, renowned Nigerian worship leader, Nathaniel Bassey, announced a 30-day worship session called The Hallelujah Challenge. This Challenge, which began on the 1st of June 2017, holds every day from mid-night to 1am. Nathaniel, from time to time, leads these live worship sessions via his Instagram page (@nathanielblow), and on his Facebook: @nathanielbasseymusic.
Nathaniel Bassey
On day seven, the now popular tag for the challenge, Olowogbogboro, which translates, The outstretched arm of the Lord, was revealed. Soon after, other tags such as, Just like thatJehovah overdo, and suddenly followed. Testimonies of miraculous interventions have been pouring in everyday from participants who have experienced one breakthrough or another.  In two weeks, the Hallelujah Challenge has become a movement, with thousands of people from every part of the world, joining the live stream daily to worship together. There are no denominations, factions, or camps, just God-loving people calling on the barrier breaking God.  Last night, even though the internet service was epileptic, and most of the worshipers had to contend with the pauses and cracking of the bad network, over 67,000 people on Instagram and Facebook joined, live. This fire is gradually turning into an inferno. In this time in our nation where agitations are on the rise and the expression of discontent is pouring like torrential rain from every quarter, a uniting positive experience such as this is like light in the dark, a soothing balm for an aching nation. If over 50,000 people from every tribe and location in our nation and beyond can stay awake to share such intimate and powerful experiences together, then indeed there is still hope for us. As we worship tonight, let us call on Olowogbogboro to show himself on behalf of our nation Nigeria, and cause prosperity to flow throughout our land and peace within our borders. If you would like to join Nathaniel Bassey to complete this challenge, find him on and follow him. By midnight, visit his page and click on his profile picture to join the live feed. Let’s experience Olowogbogboro together.

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This article was first published on 14th June 2017

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