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The Erudite Entrepreneur, strongly believes that The Entrepreneur Business Reality TV show will provide the necessary skill and mentorship for developing competence, capacity building, striving business opportunities, entertainment and exposure that will serve as a major catalyst for a better understanding of entrepreneurship, business management and business development.

We know that with this, our society will be on her way to becoming a better place with greater value and opportunity added.

Objectives of The Entrepreneur

Our major aim is to:

  • Engage, motivate, educate and mentor the youths.
  • Develop competence and capacity building.
  • Encourage teamwork and self-sufficiency.
  • Advocate self-empowerment and productivity.
  • Reduce idleness and crime.

Our Focus

The Entrepreneur Business Reality TV Show will be focusing majorly on five areas of the economy;

  • Engineering
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Fashion-Arts
  • Media
  • Agriculture

Our Goals

Our major goal is to turn aspiring entrepreneurs into practising entrepreneurs.

Owing to the fact that this generation has more aspiring entrepreneurs than any other Nigerian generation, it has become imperative to create “The Entrepreneur”, in order to harness these great minds that sum up to 75% of the approximated 190 million Nigerian population.

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and a fast-growing population with untapped potential, which is a quintessential tool for nation-building. The Erudite Entrepreneur has discovered this huge vacuum, hence the development of this Business Reality show; to maximize the full potential of our human capital resources.


Who We Are:

The Erudite Entrepreneur is human capital resource and development organisation. Our focal point is to evaluate competence and capacity building towards enhancement and excellence. We do this by organizing entrepreneurial programs; conferences, business development fora, training and a soon to air reality TV show, that will create diverse opportunities for trade initiatives, as well as business investments.

This “first of its kind” business reality TV show is called “The Entrepreneur”.

Why The Entrepreneur:

The aim of this show is to turn aspiring entrepreneurs into practising entrepreneurs, for both existing companies or start-ups; to guide the entrepreneurs through business rudiments through start-up, management and growth, becoming successful employers of labour.

The resultant effect will be a better society, arising from a well-motivated, goal driven and focused young Nigerians, worthy of emulation across the globe.


To create a platform on which the human capital recourses can be harnessed.


To turn aspiring entrepreneurs to practicing entrepreneurs.


Address: The Erudite Entrepreneur 24 Ladipo Oluwole, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Phone Number: 09090172547, 09083091087

WhatsApp only: 08163108264, 08066168661

Email Address: is the admin email for messages sent on the contact page.

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This article was first published on 15th July 2019

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