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  Everyone wants to stand out and still be outstanding. For a business to have a strong selling point, it is important for that business to carve a niche. This is the same with humans in the workspace.
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Every career person must have a specialised segment or audience they are reaching out to or a particular kind of product or service that they offer. Carving this niche can be hard because of a host of factors, including the environment they find themselves. The first determinant of finding a niche in one’s career is to Identify the career. That is, be clear about the nature of the work that is being done. There might be various branches and merging along the way but the focal point of carving this niche is to determine the line of work you want to pace out from. Using law as an example, there is Civil and Criminal law. One has to find a niche between these two. The next thing after finding the starting point is to Play to your strengths. Playing to your strengths means keeping to the things that you excel at. If as a lawyer you enjoy company law, then find ways to broaden your understanding of company law rather than going to another aspect of law like medicine law and failing miserably. Many people in careers want to try everything and this lack of focused attention causes poor performance in other areas. As there are strengths in each path one chooses, there are also weaknesses. The challenge arises in determining what can be done about the weaknesses. Most career prospects would, by default, try to study to become a master at their weaknesses while ignoring their strengths. While this is a great thing to do, there is only limited time.
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Outsource your weaknesses. Apple’s strength is in designing cutting edge technology while its software and hardware engineering are outsourced globally. Apple also outsources its Software audits and performance testing. What does this mean for your career path? If you are great at drafting but weak in court, find a partner to ‘chamber’ with and draft impeccable contracts and let your partner defend them. These examples can be rinsed and repeated across different career paths and the results would be as useful as it is. Carving a niche and playing to your natural strength is a sure card to hitting it big. It does not matter what the career is, so long as a career person or an organisation at large has that one thing that stands out, they become unforgettable and leave a lasting taste in the mouth of clients. Featured Image Source: Ownr
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This article was first published on 20th July 2021


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