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In a world where uncertainty is the order of the day; many are losing the opportunity to grow and break through the stereotype because the desire to be safe is stronger than the desire to be significant.
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I once heard someone say, ‘Safe is the enemy of significance’ and since then I have made a conscious effort to step out of my norm or my comfort to find significance where it’s waiting for me. From the likes of Napoleon Hill to Andrew Carnegie, the journey to significance requires you to get up, show up and make a demand on what it is you want to see your life or work deliver to you. If you didn’t know before, know this now; you deserve to grow, you deserve to flourish and you deserve to prosper. Even though these things are what you deserve, you can’t get them by playing safe.
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Fear is one of many reasons people play it safe. But fear in itself is a powerful emotion and those who are able to rein it in and take decisive action in its presence always find opportunities amidst uncertainty and reap the greatest rewards. Don’t be afraid of taking risks. It will improve the quality of your life. Even when it seems you are losing, you are actually learning. Don’t choose to live a mediocre life just because you are scared of taking the leap of faith. Stop allowing fear to dictate what you should and shouldn’t do.  You only live once. So make it count. In a rapidly evolving world, where change is happening fast and the doors of opportunity can open and close quickly, choosing to do nothing can take a steep toll on your career, business and life than you may envisage.  But if you are willing to risk your imperfect decision and take that imperfect action, it will almost always be more fruitful than doing nothing.
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Look on the brighter side

Failure is just another learning curve on your journey to significance and if you learn and live through it, you’ll lead others out of it. If you are a business owner and you are overwhelmed with the fear of meeting people or facing rejection, think more about the bright side. What if, you don’t get rejected? What if your stepping out is the final puzzle to your big product launch canvas? What if all the time your business has been waiting for you to believe again? Attend the Business Mixer this Friday at 4 PM where you get to network with other leaders, founders and innovators who are willing to take the risk, work smarter and close some more deals.
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You have nothing to lose. Whatever you think you’ve gained so far is nothing compared to the infinite possibilities available to you out there. Keep fear at bay, play to win, and burn all your ships.

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the world.

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This article was first published on 24th April 2023


Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro is a visionary communications professional. She is the Founder of Pine-Empress Creatives Concepts LTD where she helps individuals and businesses as a media and comms strategist. Adesewa currently helps Faith-based organisations, Churches, and Ministers who use digital media to structure their message for increased influence, impact and income. Find her work at

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