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Instagram, today is no longer a media for socializing and making friends alone. Instagram as a social media network has a lot of selling advantages, especially among influencers. It has and is still serving as a tool to drive market force (Demand and Supply).

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The followings are the steps to selling better on Instagram.

1. Creating a Good Business Profile

A good profile is a basic feature needed to complement a business and facilitate its growth. A good business profile must contain one’s official name, business name, services provided/products sold, location of the business and ways in which the services are available. A quality professional photo is also a must as it brings out the originality of the business.

2. Create an organized Page

A disorganized business page reflects the business owner. A disorganized business page is only proof that the owner of the page is a disorganized fellow and when handling business, such behaviour must not be found. This makes it hard for customers to get attracted to a product/service or even have the willingness to buy.

3. Instagram Promotions

For business pages, Instagram has made it possible that individuals or businesses can run ads for a particular amount of money for a period of time. Instagram has also made it so that ads can reach the right audience depending on their content.

4. Building Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is the same as advertising and since it is to be done in a social media space, one would need to employ the services of social media influencers (Instagram influencers in this case). To maximize sales, one should also not oust the idea of getting brand ambassadors. Famous celebrities and Instagram influencers are fit for this job prescription. There is no doubt that when fans see their idols modelling a product or service, they will get attracted and spread the word among others.

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5. Use the Right Tags

In creating a post, an insta story or an Instagram reel, using the right tags is essential. Tags are very important when targeting the right large audience.

This is how Instagram tags work; When you post a video or a picture of your product and you use the tag “robotics“, your post will be shown on the newsfeed of everyone who follows that tag. Imagine using the wrong tag and your content gets displayed on the newsfeed of people who are not interested in whatever it is that you are selling. It will be a waste, right?

6. Use the Right Captions

Captions go a long way in selling products/services. Your captions must be short, precise yet attractive. A boring caption can make potential customers disinterested in the services you offer. In the bid not to put up a boring caption, you must also be careful not to exaggerate or put up ambiguous words. A good caption must be clear, direct, easy to understand, void of ambiguity and attention-grabbing.

7. Post Engaging Contents

As a business owner on Instagram, posting engaging content is a must. Through people’s engagements, you are able to get reviews of your products or services, get ideas on how to modify your products/services and also get more customers. Engaging content can be in form of questions and answers, giveaways, contests and the likes.

Adopting these steps will help launch one’s business to a higher level. All these steps are however useless if the business or the business owner can not be trusted. Trust is the first and basic step. With these steps, maximizing sales with minimum effort is made easier with Instagram.

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This article was first published on 5th April 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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