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San Francisco, CA – (March 22, 2012) – Spinlet is pleased to announce the release of the music video for “Magician” from Africa’s most-requested artist, Ice Prince, featuring Reggae chart topper Gyptian and produced by Jesse Jagz. Spinlet has dedicated their company’s resources to raising the profile of African artists and encouraging the exploration of music, including genres from other parts of the world such as the Caribbean. The hit single “Magician” was originally released as part of Ice Prince’s debut album, E.L.I. “Everybody Loves Ice Prince”, in October 2011. It was shortly thereafter that Spinlet partnered with Chocolate City in Nigeria and learned Ice Prince had an interest in working with Gyptian in some format. At that time, Spinlet was also in talks with VP Records (Queens, New York) to bring their massive Reggae catalog to the Spinlet service. Because of their relationship with both parties, Spinlet was able to confirm Gyptian’s participation; one of Jamaica’s hottest R&B/Reggae stars who has achieved mainstream success, to add his own verses to Ice Prince’s song.  “It is a pleasure for Spinlet to work with such accomplished artists from two separate countries from different genres whose styles blend so well,” says Spinlet CEO Eric Idiahi. “This song has great potential to succeed, with two high profile players involved, Ice Prince (artist/writer) and Jesse Jagz (producer), both signed to Chocolate City, that’s why we chose this to be the first in our sponsored song/video collaboration. Bringing in Gyptian as part of the re-mix supports Spinlet’s initiative to promote the work of Jamaican artists throughout Africa, and in creative ways exposing them to a new market with massive revenue potential,” say Spinlet CMO Mark Redguard. The video was shot by one of the most respected directors in the Nigerian Music Video scene, Clarence Peters.  Filmed in Lagos at KOGA studios, the video had five sets and is done in a 360-circle fashion. Spinlet will sponsor a series of song/video collaborations with artists from Sub Sahara Africa and the rest of the world. “We want to support African music and bringing music to Africa in every way possible, and that means promotion on every level, whether it be internally on the Spinlet application or by supporting the artists in promotion of their music,” says Idiahi. Fans can find the “Magician” video in high rotation on Trace TV beginning Thursday, March 22 and “Magician” debuting on Beat 99.9 FM, Nigeria. The video and song will also be released across Sub Sahara Africa.  
About Spinlet: Spinlet is a lifestyle entertainment company focused on meeting the needs of African music lovers allowing them to buy, listen, share, and manage music all within a free user friendly mobile platform.   

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This article was first published on 23rd March 2012 and updated on May 10th, 2012 at 1:36 pm

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