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It has been enthralling to note that the inevitable status of ageing assigned to earth has not in any way impeded the growth of man in the innovative sphere or the evolution met by his existence to better the world. The world has changed, it has advanced if I may say compared to what it used to be.

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Businesses dishing out goods and/or services in alignment with their enterprise were only made available offline and not remotely in most cases but nearby to the consumer and even though the goods supplier or service provider happened to stay far away from the consumer, there certainly would be a delay in the reception of that product or service owing to the means of communication and even rendering of the services or delivering of the goods.

The digital space innovated by humans has made it easy and fun to do business from anywhere and anytime in the world. Digital marketers use the digital space to sell their products and services; this is the most effective marketing set-up in existence but the bane of the evolution of the digital world is cyberattacks!

What Is Cyber Security?

Wiktionary defines cyber security as security against electronic attacks such as cyber warfare or cyberterrorism. A business hosted in the digital world with weak cybersecurity is a threat to its very own existence. A hacker can easily bypass week cyberspace and extract valuable information which may be to the detriment of the company involved and some of which can include extracting customer demographics or private information or even access to the company funds. Some companies have been fined in the past for their security network breach or even sued due to their detrimental effect on their customers.

Solutions To Cyber Security

Some solutions to cyber security are listed below.

1. Software and system update: The digital space is dynamic. It is ever-evolving and so are the tools for cyber attacks. Whenever software is due for an update or system, it is advised to follow suit with the update which most likely comes with an updated security patch that would act against the evolved cyber hacks.

2. Install a formidable firewall: Just like you have variants of certain viruses, there are tons of patterns defined for security breaches to beat different security networks. Installing a firewall in your system is one of the most effective ways if not the most effective way to defend the company’s digital space from cyberattacks.

3. Have a backup for your data: It’s pertinent that you have a backup for each piece of data handled by your company. In the case of an intense cyber-attack where the entire data has to be wiped, the company will not be at the losing end.

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4. Staff Orientation: Orientate your staff on the basic ways to prevent cyberattacks. You can call a cybersecurity expert to speak to every staff in your company in a seminar to ensure there are no loose ends because even an email can be a great lead for a hacker.

5. Ensure that every system is handled by a trained and cyber security-conscious worker and prevent outsiders from accessing your system. The next outsider stepping into the office and looking so innocent and naive might be the singular hacker to crumble the company.

6. Secure your WiFi networks: It may sound ridiculous or perhaps funny but even WiFi connections have proven to lead hackers to cause serious cyberattacks on a company’s security network. Ensure your WiFi networks are secure or hide them better still to safeguard your company’s data and integrity.

7. Variety of passcode: Ensure your passcode or password or pin for every software you use is different so that in the case where a hacker is fortunate to crack your password, he wouldn’t have access to everything in your system but only a section for that time before you act against the hack.

A good cybersecurity strategy will keep your company’s integrity in check.

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This article was first published on 2nd April 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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