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Imagine having a celebrity of high caliber tweet about your business and gush about the wonderful experience he/she had with your product. That would be a major breakthrough for your brand because it will open the avenue for your audience to see a person of high social status spreading the word about your brand. This, in turn, will result in an increased credibility of your brand and connection to a wider audience. The chances of a celebrity – let’s say 2baba – tweeting about your business are quite slim but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to social media influencers in your niche to do this for you. How do you go about this? Find the answers in the steps below.

Identify The Influencers In Your Niche Early on

There’s no better way to get prepared for opportunities to advertise your brand than keeping track of influencers in your niche. As stated earlier, your goal shouldn’t just be to target the biggest names because they may not have a target audience that matches with yours; rather you should go after influencers with highly engaging audiences. Although the size of an audience matters to a degree, it’s more about influence than the size.  So if an influencer you’ve identified, has an audience of an average 500 to 1000 followers then you’re good to go as long as they are engaging enough. You can identify these influencers by researching on the most Influential voices in your niche. Remember to use tools like BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, and Google to make your research easier. Once you know who they are, you can organize their names in a list that you can always refer to in the future.

Demonstrate Value To Them

Building relationships with influencers is often overlooked, yet vital for getting them on your side. You shouldn’t reach out to influencers with the aim of being on the receiving end instead you should be able to provide value to them in return of what you want from them.  Whether you assume they may not respond to you because of how big they are, you can still demonstrate value by supporting them, sharing their content, asking them questions, and even reaching out to their audience. They will eventually respond as long as you’re persistent and do it the right way.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

You can reach out to influencers on all the social media, platforms that they handle as long as you’re doing it in a less aggressive manner. To avoid coming off as aggressive,  you can space out the number of outreaches you do. The most effective way to reach out to influencers is by email because the chances of getting a response are higher than on any other platform. Through emails, you can state how you discovered them, what you like about their content, and how your products or services will benefit them. Then you can go ahead to request what you want from them.

Follow Up On Them

Influencers, like everyone, want to know if their efforts have yielded results, and you can take advantage of this. Provide them with feedback on how well their involvement in your campaign has paid off. You can go a step further by showing them reviews and statistics as proof that their efforts in marketing your content have been productive. Moreover, continue to strengthen the relationship between you and them by sharing their content and supporting them online. Keeping up with them will ensure their willingness to help you in future Campaigns.

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This article was first published on 6th June 2018


My name is Samuel Okoruwa. I am an ardent researcher, reading is life and writing is fun.

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  • Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried some of these but not well enough.
    I’ll also do the email aspect.
    This was quite helpful

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    • I’m glad this was helpful to you. Just try to learn these steps and implement them and you will begin to see results. Thanks for stopping by.

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