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Scrubs by Mirian is an organic skincare brand which recently launched with a skin exfoliating line. Its founder, Mirian Bukola Agbeje, graduated from the University of Lagos with a BSc in Political Science, and also holds a certificate in Project Management (BPMP). Aside from being a business owner, she volunteers for Stand to End Rape Initiative and Youth Alive Foundation; one of her major goals is to be a huge contributor to Africa’s development and hopefully in the near future start up her own NGO focused on child education. Founder, Scrubs by Mirian   CN: What’s the story behind Scrubs by Mirian? What inspired you to go into this unique line of business? When I got into the university, I became a skincare enthusiast. I had funny skin for the longest, it was multi-coloured & I used to get teased about it. This made me desperate for even skin, and so I did a whole lot of online research. I experimented on my skin till I knew what worked and what didn’t. Also, my mother used to make soaps and scrubs for sale and I was lucky to learn from her expertise. Being a graduate with a clear mind and free time made me realize how my skincare knowledge would be beneficial to others, and to myself monetarily. All of these motivated me to start up a business. CN: Give us a peek into your range. What kinds of scrubs do you offer? We currently offer 4 kinds of sugar scrubs:
  • The ‘demon dust’ coffee scrub for men.
  • The ‘booty duty’ cellulite and body scrub to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and exfoliate the whole body.
  • The ‘make it pop’ papaya face and body scrub which is primarily made of papaya, natural oils, and essential oils.
  • The ‘a spice’ Asian face polish is a scrub for the face made of turmeric and rice.
CN: Which groups of people did you have in mind when setting up this business? I decided to go for all adults as a major benefit of organic skincare is that it’s suitable for most age groups (except for kids). CN: How did you raise capital for the business? The capital was primarily sourced from my personal funds. Family and friends were really helpful as well. CN: What were your biggest challenges starting out and how did you overcome them? Thankfully, I barely had any issues starting up. I had a plan and made sure to follow through. I only had problems with logistics for dispatching my products but I got great referrals from friends and it’s been good so far. CN: What has the feedback from customers been like so far? The business took off officially in April and the response has been positive so far. There’s been a lot of good reviews as well. CN: What’s your unique selling point; why should Nigerians choose you over competitors? I started off with scrubs because I realized how important and impactful exfoliation is in my skincare routine and my goal has been to push for more Nigerians to adopt this routine, especially with organic ingredients which do not come with the harmful side effects that most chemical products inflict on the body. It’s also one of our goals to help people achieve clear skin at affordable prices, whatever their skin type. In addition, as a home based business our scrubs are made on request so that they’re as fresh as possible. CN: Which professionals inspire you, and why? I really admire Angelina Jolie for how talented she is as an actress and producer, being a great mother to her children, and also her role in International Development. Her ability to find that balance is so inspiring. CN: What role does the internet play in growing your business? My business took off on the internet via Twitter and Instagram. 90 percent of my customers are off the internet. CN: What is your long-term vision for Scrubs by Mirian? The long term goal is to expand into other organic products and have walk in stores all over the world where people can request for their scrubs customized with a variety of organic ingredients of their choice.     Email: Phone: 0909 670 4075 Twitter: @scrubsbymirian Instagram: @scrubsbymirian

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This article was first published on 11th July 2018 and updated on March 14th, 2019 at 9:14 am


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