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  Podex Associates is an architecture firm based in Lagos. It designs homes, offices, and other kinds of structures and spaces for a diverse clientele, made up of organizations from across Nigeria’s commercial and industrial landscape. It also draws up product models for brands in the construction industry and lays out the features of landscapes and the interior of buildings.
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As one of the numerous players in the architecture business, Podex does have quite a lot of competitors to contend with. They range from decades-old companies that have carved out a solid patch for themselves, to nascent solopreneurs and small partnerships. Podex falls somewhere in the middle; it’s steadily working its way up the ladder of prestige, as it gains the trust of more prospects and clients. The story of Podex began in 2013, when Kelechi Onyike, an experienced architect, decided to launch on his own and build a new enterprise from scratch. Through a combination of grit and smarts, he and his team have crafted a respected venture and placed it on a visible pedestal in the market for architectural designs. The firm continues to grow, as more businesses seek its skill and know-how for their construction projects.
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At the core of Podex’s services are its architectural solutions. It works with its clients—typically organizations of significant repute –to arrive at a description of their preferred kind of structure. When it has a fairly well-defined idea ready, it proceeds to sketch its vision of the perfect space for its client. Adjustments can be made to models until a blueprint that satisfies the client emerges. Podex’s experts are also involved in construction projects, where they are supervisors of the building process. They ensure that the tools and technologies deployed by builders are able to deliver a match of Podex’s original design. And they inspect the materials used to ascertain that they are suitable for the project, given the plan they’ve drawn up. Another part of the construction process is in which Podex is involved in the creation of interior spaces. Clients that intend for their internal environment to attain high standards can work with Podex to make this happen. The company suggests and inspects the colour, texture, and materials of the interior of buildings; so that they properly complement or match the layout it’s designed.
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Outdoor environments are well within Podex’s service scope too. It designs nature parks, terraces, streetscapes, and other kinds of outdoor spaces. As is the case with its other services, it consults with its client organizations to ensure that its work in this area meets their expectations. Podex Associates has come a long way since starting out a decade ago. It is currently strengthening its presence in the local market for architectural solutions, while also taking on projects elsewhere in Africa. All the signs suggest that it will be around for years to come, and will become a household name in its niche in the not-too-distant future. Featured Image Source: Podex Associates
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This article was first published on 30th January 2023


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