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Daniel Godwin, founder of, holds a BSc in Insurance Business from the University of Lagos, a Certificate of Proficiency in System Management (APTECH) and is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria. He talks to Connect Nigeria about filling a unique gap in the hospitality industry.  

CN: What’s the story behind Noxiae and what inspired the name?

Noxiae is Latin for “lodge”. The idea was conceived while researching the Nigerian hospitality sector. I spent most of my time at university brainstorming on solutions to basic Nigerian problems. By the time I graduated and attended to my youth service, I had done a lot of intense research because I knew it was about time to change the world. I found a niche in the sector which I personally thought was a problem that ought to be solved immediately for the Nigerian people: a reliable, unbiased, incorruptible platform that features hotels properly vetted, thoroughly reviewed, and not found wanting as regards quality hotel standards, good security, proper customer service, and transparency. A platform that serves the Nigerian people and visiting tourists with expert trip advisory services in booking not just the best hotel but the right hotel. This was the basic unique idea and how was born. 
“To lead people in the right direction through accurate reviews.” — Godwin

CN: Who is your target audience and what are the services you offer?

Nigerian locals and visiting tourists who need to book a hotel that suits their budget and preferences, and meets any additional special requirement. We offer the best trip advisory services to all who choose to book the right hotel and guide them in making the right choices.
Daniel Godwin- CEO,

CN: How does a hotel review platform generate revenue and profit? is a hotel review platform where people can access updates and in-depth reviews on the facilities, structures and services in top hospitality structures in Nigeria. Noxiae generates its revenue from its consultation pricing plans via the website, where you choose a time slot to receive feedback on our trip advisory service; paid for in booking the right hotel or required facilities provided by hotels.

 CN: What has the feedback been like so far?

It’s been amazing and very encouraging to be very honest. The whole idea was to go the extra mile for the Nigerian people, putting together the right and accurate information that should influence them in making the right choices. While vetting, we look very closely into the security provided by hotels. Nigerians need to be safe. We get regular ‘thank you’ messages from people all over who appreciate the effort. We receive phone calls from tourists and locals seeking advice in choosing the right hotel for them. We have also attended to people pressed for time in making urgently needed choices. Hotels as well have been very accommodating. The overall feedback so far has been fantastic.  CN: What are your primary responsibilities running Noxiae day to day? Vetting, reviewing and visitations of hotels. We visit “like a mother in-law”. We also maintain steady communication with them all, making sure people get realtime updates.

 CN: What do you consider to be the best career decision you have ever made?

I treasure my experience with Jumia Nigeria. I worked at Jumia as an online sales consultant for two years while in the university. I got basic and professional training in sales and marketing and that basically taught me a lot about winning and sharpened my pitching skills. It reflects on me today in my daily affairs and my business.

 CN: Which professionals inspire you, and why?

No one currently alive but majorly Steve Jobs and Nikola Tesla. Why? The ability to recognize the power of the mind and imagination and to be able to think into creation and actualize it is genius. They understood the concept of “Nothing is impossible” and I share in that too.

 CN: Which books have changed the way you think and live?

The Bible. No book has been able to change the way I think or live except the Bible. It taught me everything.

 CN: What is your long-term vision for Noxiae?

To lead people in the right direction through accurate reviews and continuing to create a reliable and dependable platform where people get nothing but the truth. Phone: +2347067376191 Twitter: Noxiae_ Instagram: @Noxiae_

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This article was first published on 31st October 2018


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