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Lasprint is a printing and branding company located in Lagos. It provides design and printing services for a variety of clients, including individuals, businesses, government MDAs, and other organizations. It’s specifically involved in the delivery of corporate branding, general printing, digital display banners and stands, and promotional products.
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The company designs and prints business cards, stationery, signs, stamps and seals, and marketing materials. Besides taking on paper-based and plain printing, it also brands vehicles, gifts, clothing, and souvenirs. Lasprint was founded in 2016 by Samuel Sunday, who currently serves as its MD and CEO. In the years since its establishment, it has grown its range of offerings, broadened its customer base, and gained expertise in the fashioning and supply of its specific product types. The company’s growth has depended significantly on the impression it has made on its clients, who have gone on to refer other individuals and organizations to it. These clients have come from diverse industries: finance, energy, business services, facility management, and the public sector, among others. Lasprint’s general printing services cover the production of flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, stationery, stamps and seals, and quick digital printing. It also provides the whole array of corporate branding elements: brand identity design, logo design, office branding, and branded corporate gifts.
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Printing for promotional products is available from Lasprint as well. They range from branded diaries, pens and face caps, to branded mugs, flash drives, shopping bags, power banks, T-shirts, and umbrellas.  The company’s involvement in design extends to the web, with web design and web content development. It also provides web domain and hosting services to clients interested in building and improving their online brand image. Lasprint’s customers may either request that it produces prints according to a sample design, or have Lasprint create one on their behalf. Completed prints can be picked up at the company’s physical location, or delivered to customers. Same-day and next-day deliveries are available. Lasprint promises flexible prices that fit with its clients’ budgets.  Persons looking to get in touch with Lasprint can do so over the phone or by sending them an email. Its contact details can be found on its website. Featured Image Source: Lasprint
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This article was first published on 4th February 2022


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