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I-Excel is an education advisory firm located in Lagos State. It provides school placement, student visa guidance, and school support services to persons who intend to study at universities in selected locations across the world.

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This company is just one of numerous businesses offering student support and consulting around educational needs. However, it is carving out a unique path for itself through the quality of service that it delivers to its clients. Proof of this is seen in testimonials from students (and their parents) that benefit from it. Some of these positive reviews are on its website.

The founding team at I-Excel incorporated it in 2010. They include YejideAkiode, its CEO and Chief Consultant, and OluwatoyinAkiode, who serves as Director of Student Services. In just over a decade, they, along with other members of the team, have built the company into a recognized name in the education consulting space.

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Among the services for which I-Excel has become widely known is its school placement advisory service. It helps prospective undergraduates make decisions about what institutions of higher learning they should secure a place in. This service is available for universities in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Ghana, as well as within Nigeria.

I-Excel also helps students with their visa applications and enables them to secure study permits. They work with clients to properly fill out their forms and guide them through documentation processes and checklists so that they’ll stand a good chance of succeeding with their applications.

The company shares information with prospective international students that could help them get a place in their preferred university. It engages their parents and guardians as well so that they’re up to speed with the whole process of application, acceptance, and travel planning.

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I-Excel has a sister firm, Eduspace Limited, which operates from the United Kingdom. Its client base is students in the UK who require a service similar to what I-Excel offers. This arm of the business also runs a Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Academic Project (LEAP) for children aged 7-14 years.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, I-Excel runs capacity-building programs for public schools in Nigeria. Its team says that they have provided hundreds of free books, mentorship sessions, and training to students in these schools. They are able to fund these programs with a portion of the profit that the company makes.

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This article was first published on 4th July 2022


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