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Digitalweb is an Information Technology and consulting company based in Lagos. It provides a wide range of IT solutions to organizations in Nigeria’s private and public sectors, helps them establish a stronger web presence, and delivers sales management products that enable its clients to boost their bottom lines.

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The company’s specialities are in web design, software development, web hosting, mobile applications development, managed hosting services, and domain name registration. It also helps its clients with corporate emails, social media marketing, and internet marketing.

Founded in 2001, Digitalweb has evolved from a sole proprietorship with a few staff, to a company with a reach that extends across Nigeria. It has gone from taking on small scale assignments to handling projects from some of the country’s biggest businesses. A good deal of its growth has come through referrals from customers who are satisfied with its services.

Digitalweb’s solutions are relevant to large swathes of contemporary business operations. They aid such things as workflow automation, sales management, recruitment, remote data gathering, data management, and inventory management. They are used to deliver web services and mobile application development and integration as well.

A large and growing proportion of today’s businesses depend on software solutions to function effectively. As a result, there’s a high demand for software products like the ones built by Digitalweb. It develops and deploys these solutions for a variety of uses: finance, inventory, workflow, donor management systems, human resources, and more.

Digialweb also builds websites (using various programming and database languages), takes care of domain name registration, and provides managed hosting. The hosting service comes with round-the-clock support and server management, ensuring that its clients’ websites and applications are running all through the day.

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Also on offer from Digitalweb is Salestivity, an online sales force management solution. It aids the management of sales teams and helps businesses achieve better sales and revenues. Users can access it on the web and as a mobile platform and can integrate it with their other existing software solutions.

Other services provided by Digitalweb are internet and social media marketing (on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.), e-commerce and payments, and mobile application development. The company also provides consultancy services covering technology business feasibility, technical delivery strategy, software testing, and solutions architecture.

The Digitalweb team say that they have completed more than 500 projects for over 400 customers to date, and have gained numerous referrals in the process. Their clients have included telecoms companies, investment firms, insurance companies, not-for-profit organizations, and public sector bodies.

Anyone interested in using Digitalweb’s services can contact them via email or through their phone lines. They may also submit their comments or questions through the contact form on the company’s website.

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This article was first published on 25th February 2022


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