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Oluwamayowa Ojo runs Cake Mayor, a bakery based in Surulere, Lagos.

Cake Mayor makes celebration cakes (for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, surprise parties etc), as well as specialised pastries, like sugar-free cakes for diabetic clients. Cake Mayor also bakes cookies, cupcakes and brownies (I’ve had their citrus-infused brownies and they’re a hit!).

Ever since he started this journey, Oluwamayowa Ojo has found that he is becoming more keen on being a part of people’s lives and families. By employing staff at the bakery, he contributes to bettering their lives, which alone motivates him to keep going. Ojo also works with teenagers; mentorship is a huge part of his life.

Cake Mayor: The Beginning

The bakery was officially founded in 2012, but before then, Ojo had dabbled in and out of the food/hospitality business. When he set his hand to the plough, however, he found that he enjoyed the process, despite its demands and the sometimes cloudy days. Today, Cake Mayor also runs a training college for bakers.

“What we won’t eat, we won’t make or sell.”

— Oluwamayowa Ojo

What sets Cake Mayor apart from the competition is their mindfulness of clients.

Cake Mayor is customer-centered. They are deeply conscious about what their customers consume and look beyond the money-making aspect of the business. Because Cake Mayor does not cut corners and is not solely interested in making money, the price, quality control, recipe and hygiene of their products are given special attention.

Ordering a cake or pastry from Cake Mayor is often a smooth operation, where you feel as though you’re communicating with a friend over the phone.

In five years, Ojo sees Cake Mayor as an established brand with a defined niche in the industry, having at least three outlets in and around Lagos, with well over 30 members of staff, and being a part of their individual success stories.

Contact Cake Mayor

Social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Tel & WhatsApp: +234 8095327122
Physical address: 121 Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos.

Images: Cake Mayor

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This article was first published on 14th March 2019


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