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The pains associated with child labour for women cannot be under-estimated, having to feel the baby kick and feed in her stomach for nine months, seeing her good-looking body swell and add more weight due to pregnancy, and the frequent illness associated with it, and going further to have to push for the baby to see the surface of the earth after being in the belly for nine months is surely an experience one cannot toy with. Mothers are exceptional, every woman deserve to be regarded highly and treated fairly in a society pushing for equality mindless of one’s gender.

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Celebrating mothers in the form of Mothers Day is an event that must not be given less regard.  The efforts of mothers globally in seeing to the growth and development of their children are unexplainable; they deserve to be applauded daily. For instance, in America, the percentage of single mothers has grown so common that presently, 80% of single-parent families are headed by single mothers; this is nearly a third of those who live in poverty in the country. A phenomenon once limited to poor women and minorities, single motherhood is gradually becoming the new norm globally. Mothers whether in the presence or absence of the father hardly forget their responsibility to the child. It is necessary to understand the significance of celebrating mothers day.

Appreciating The Pains Of Child Labour

No human being on earth can boast of being brought into earth by a man, we were all privileged that a certain woman decided willingly to go through the pains of child labour to bring us into this earth. There are women that shy away from child-bearing owing to certain factors such as career or fear of going through pains for nine months which has seen some women loose their lives in the process. You need to look at your mother in the face if she is still alive and say THANK YOU, a kiss is equally not a bad idea. If she is late, you must understand that love is the only reason she decided while alive to bring you here on earth, do not fail to THANK HER even in death.

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Understanding The Sacrifices Associated With Motherhood And The Role Of Mothers In Child Upbringing

Without a doubt, the stress associated with motherhood does not end in child labour, sacrifices as the child grows into a mature man or woman cannot be overlooked. While growing up, I felt my mother was immune to being sick, weakness, hunger, and a lot more, it was all about me. It was only with time that I got to know that the love a mother has for her child is so powerful that she cares for him/her than herself, something difficult for men to do. The sacrifices does not only end domestically, she is concerned when you are not doing well in school, or when your social interaction is out of place, your fears turn into her fears, your joy is her glory. It is hardly surprising to hear award-winners make statements like ‘’this award is dedicated to my mum,’’ or read some success stories where the author is highly appreciative of his/her mother for the crucial role she played in the success story.

Mothers Decide The Fate Of The Globe

The world owes mothers a lot more than just a single day of celebrating them. It will not be out of place to state that in global societies, mothers are blamed if a child constitutes nuisance to his/her environs, and mothers equally receive the praises if the child is of good conduct in the society. In Nigeria, Pidgin English catch phrases like ‘’your mama born you well,’’ or ‘’your mama train you well,’’ are quite popular. One might argue that mothers earning praises or being at the receiving end for a chilld’s character display is wrong, but we cannot negate the truth in the fact that MOTHERS ARE UNIQUE.

Happy Mothers’ Day!


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This article was first published on 22nd March 2020


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