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  Creativity and Artists are two different things, having different traits although overlapping. Creativity is an original idea or mental imaginary to solve a problem. While artistry is referring to a craft or imaginative skill.
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A unique art requires creativity because it seems impossible to be artistic and not creative. Types of creative arts are; painting, photography, cooking, decorations, animation, drawing, crotchet, drama etc. It’s not just enough to be creative as an artist, it’s more beautiful if you can sell yourself and sell your works when you have great selling techniques.  A creative artist possesses some qualifications which include;
  • Orientation: For identification of problems which must be solved
  • Selection of problems: involves defining the problems and producing many questions
  • Differentiation: This is retaining some information which involves producing something different.
  • Design: producing an idea
  • Concentration: Focusing on the solution which will be adequate
There are more qualifications but basically, artists develop creativity from experiences and investigation which is important in order to invent new ideas in becoming a creative artists. An artist needs to be creative because of so many reasons, where some are:
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  • It enables different ways of thinking. 
  • It gives room for interactions and discoveries.
  • It enables exploration beyond the limitation of words.
  • It allows the mind to be active and open.
  • It keeps ideas flowing.
As said earlier every creative artist needs to have great selling techniques, Here are some selling techniques for a creative artist:  
  • Communicate value: one of the things that keep people to purchase a sale depends on how valuable that sale is to them. This is a way to present an emotional resonance with your customers which will make your work memorable.
  • Know and understand your audience: taking account into what’s best for your customers whether by race, gender, age etc is one of the techniques since your marketing is about your audience. This will help you focus on the niche you are into and helps to work selectively knowing that not everyone will be your customer.

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  • Portray a sense of ownership: this is done by showcasing the positive attitude of your sales by giving the idea of how it may be applicable in their own areas valuably and also using the phrases that convey a sense of ownership.
  • Consultative techniques: this is done by sharing your knowledge on your artwork and making recommendations by helping them experience something you thought was great to your customers instead of trying to sell something.
  • Setting up your social media: showing your creative artwork helps people to make people see and access your artwork. It will attract your client especially if your creative art is beautiful, your customer will be intrigued to access it since beautiful things attract people.
A creative artist must ensure to have value in order to give value. A creative artwork can be an expensive purchase especially if it’s from higher-end pros. It is important to make it valuable, beautiful, creative, communicative, inspiring and present it to the world to see it and have customers access it. Featured Image Source: AxiomQ
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This article was first published on 25th April 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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