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Setting up your account on Rouzo platform is free and easy.

  • You can set up your account and choose your preferred pathway of either “save to invest” or “invest in a portfolio” in minutes.
  • Enter a few details about you on our simple form, pick your investment preference, read and accept our terms and conditions. Then transfer money from your bank account or using your debit card and you’re ready to start saving and lending.
  • Once you’ve set up your account and indicated your preference, your investment journey starts immediately.
  • You will receive regular update on the portfolio performance and you can monitor your portfolio from your personal dashboard.
  • By keeping your portfolio active, your funds will continue to be lent to businesses so you can get the maximum return on your portfolio.
  • You can choose to withdraw from your portfolio after the first 90 days by requesting a withdrawal on your dashboard. If you do not make a withdrawal, you will receive interest payments every quarter.

How You Earn

The projected return for each portfolio can change. You can see the current projected return for each option on the settings page of your Rouzo portfolio.

When you lend to businesses, your funds will be matched to borrowers with the aim of meeting the projected return of your chosen portfolio option. However, it’s important to remember:

  • You are lending to your preferred portfolio of businesses, so your own projected return may be higher or lower than the projected return of your lending option.
  • As a ‘Save to Invest’ investor, you accrue a small interest monthly which at the end of maturity, can either be credited to your account or transferred to your investment portfolio on Rouzo per your instructions.
  • All accrued interest is shown in the summary page of your portfolio 

Benefits To You As An Investor

As an investor you get to participate in strategic decisions or even have voting rights in the businesses you choose to sponsor. 

  • Trustees Partnership: All funds raised via ROUZO platform is monitored by ARM Trusteeship. They monitor and ensure we maintain minimum liquidity requirements.
  • Risk Returns: Our approach is simplified across two portfolios; Asset finance and Working capital finance which offers different risk profiles. Our Asset finance portfolio offers 25-30% returns per annum while our working capital portfolio offers 30-40% return per annum which a higher risk rating.
  • Diversification: ROUZO platform allows you to diversify into different portfolio classes. The platform auto-diversify investors’ capital across a large number of borrowers, increasing your exposure, and reducing the risk of borrower default.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality: One important success criteria for RUOZO is Privacy and Confidentiality of our investors. As a result, at the core of our business model is the concept of Confidentiality that is largely supported by our business structure.

At ROUZO, a clients’ trust is never taken for granted and as such we adopt the following confidentiality principles:

  • Protection of clients’ information through recognized security procedures:
    • Controlling access to information using methodological, physical and electronic safe measures.
    • Limited use, collection and custody of client information to what is deemed necessary for the delivery of our services.
    • Restriction on the disclosure of clients’ information.
  • Integrity: Another key characteristics of ROUZO operations is Integrity. We always strive for honesty and consistency where we make sure to carry all our investors along most investment decisions.
  • User Friendly and Easy to Use: our menu driven and online help features makes it quite easy to navigate the platform and efficient to use including via the mobile friendly website.

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This article was first published on 15th May 2020

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