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So my cousin, Afonne, has been making a lot of noise about this really cool restaurant she visited in New G.R.A, Port Harcourt. Since the restaurant in question is close to my office, I decided I’d check it out sometime.  Well, yesterday seemed like a good day for a restaurant visit. It was public holiday and an annoyingly rainy one at that. After taking care of my business in G.R.A., I decided to stop by the restaurant.

The first thing I loved about this restaurant was its location. Native Tray is situated on the busy Onne Road. However, its location behind Studio 24 makes it seem off rather than on the road. The glass windows of the restaurant offer customers a peaceful view of the busy road. The restaurant is divided into three sections. The VIP section is small and can probably accommodate six to eight people. At a guess, I’d say the main section where I sat can sit about 18 people. Another thing I loved about this restaurant was the decoration. The decoration in Native Tray is totally native. You just can’t help but love the place. The tables are designed to look like the sewing machine stand. I had a bit of fun with the treadle while waiting for my food. Lol. There are small local mat trays on each table with local saucers. Most of the chairs in the restaurant are wooden.  The art works that line the walls are lovely. On my table was the Whot Card game. Amused, I looked around and I discovered that each table had various games like Ludo and Ncho, also known as Ayo. Customers could (and did) while away time with these games while waiting for their food. The waiters are dressed in black polo shirt and jeans. They are polite and attentive.

I liked the menu at Native Tray. The foods listed on the menu are grouped according the ethnic groups to which they belong. A little information about the history and the people of each ethnic group is provided before their food is listed. A list of their specials and their grilled food is also provided on the menu. The food in this restaurant are within the price range of N2000-N2,500. Anyway, I needed something spicy to chase away the cold for it seemed like the rain and the air conditioning had plans to drive the cold into my poor body. So, I ordered white rice and cow tail pepper soup with a bottle of Coke. It arrived about twenty five minutes later in native bowls. The taste was great. All in all, I had a wonderful experience.

In conclusion, my people, if you are in Port Harcourt and you’re looking for a fine place to dine the native way, try Native Tray.

Featured image source: Native Tray Restaurant PHC

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This article was first published on 7th June 2019


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