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I woke up late yesterday so there was no time to prepare food. I hurriedly attended to my toilette. I took sardine from the canned food cabinet and bought bread and coke on my way to work. That was my breakfast. I planned to do bolé and fish at lunch but I had so much to do that I worked through lunch break. As a result, I was starving when I left the office at 5:45pm. It was already too late for bolé and fish; I was tired of rice and I didn’t feel like eating eba. On the drive home with my friend, I thought about what I wanted to eat. And then, my eyes fell on this restaurant and I asked my friend to park. We’d discovered Epic Meals Afrika a couple of weeks back and we’d been talking about visiting the restaurant. Since I was starving, yesterday seemed like a good day to visit.

Epic Meals Afrika is situated at 106B Woji Road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt. The restaurant shares a building with several other businesses. The compound is big enough to accommodate several vehicles, so parking space wasn’t an issue. We walked into the restaurant and I was impressed with the space management. The restaurant is divided into two sections, the main restaurant and the VIP section. The main restaurant is small; it has just three tables and, of course, the food service counter. I loved the fact that whoever did the decoration did not feel obliged to cluster the place. The art works are lovely and the table clothes are made from African fabric. The VIP section is bigger; at a guess it can accommodate about twenty one guests. The decorations are no different from the one at the main restaurant but this section is perfect for business meetings.

Epic Meals Afrika opens by 8:00am and closes by 8:00pm. They do home and office delivery as well as outdoor catering. There were three staff on ground when we visited. The friendly waiter I met also doubles as a cook. The menu is purely Nigerian. There’s ukwa, abacha, afang soup, ofe onugbu, nkwobi, and so many other Nigerian meals on the menu. But I was quite astonished to see achicha there. Achicha is an Enugu delicacy, one I enjoyed thoroughly as an undergraduate student at UNN. When I saw it on the menu, I wanted it but I was a bit skeptical; can they cook it well?  My skepticism must have showed on my face (God knows I have a very expressive face, lol) because the waiter told me in Igbo that she is Ada Enugu and that she can prepare all Enugu dishes well.  So I ordered for it and she apologetically informed me that it was not available. In fact, she said that order for such food as ukwa and achicha were placed a day before.

Anyway, I ordered for dry fish abacha and palm wine while my friend ordered ofe onugbu and eba. Both meals cost three thousand naira and were ready in twenty minutes. The abacha and palm wine was delectable. My friend also enjoyed his ofe onugbu.

So, my people, this is my experience at Epic Meals Afrika.  Why don’t you visit them sometime?

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This article was first published on 15th April 2019


Udevi, Obiamaka Angela holds a Master of Arts degree in History & International Studies. She's a freelance writer with a passion for food and healthy living. She can be contacted through her email address,

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