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Men are sensitive creatures. They make look all strong and put together but deep down inside they have lots of fears and insecurities. Some hide behind arrogance, others hide behind being busy. Tales of Men are scum have blinded women from seeing men as anything more than sex mates or money bags. Even companionship now comes with a price tag. If men can’t truly be themselves around women, who else?

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Male relationships have different dynamics from women. That’s why sometimes, men can’t understand why get hung up on some issues. But beyond women and men getting along, there is a type of male bonding that men need. This is where Bromance comes into play. Just because people coined the word from the words ‘brother’ and ‘romance’ doesn’t mean it is a romantic relationship between bros. Remember, such is illegal in Nigeria, by the way?

Bromance, according to Oxford Dictionary, is a close but non-sexual relationship between two or more men. It is a special connection that transcends the boundaries of a regular friendship. Guys who share a bromance tend to both be on the same wavelength of how they think, react to things, and understand each other. It is usually on a higher level than most male relationships.

Bromance does not affect male masculinity. So men need not be afraid of it. Men can experience male bonding, social fulfillment, and conflict resolution in real life. It isn’t hard to build a bromance. It just requires making out time to connect with one or two guys and working on the relationship deliberately. Man can do this by making hanging with other guys a priority and doing it regularly.

Benefits of bromance

  1. It Is Good For The Health.

Bromance helps to reduce stress levels. According to research carried out by the National Library of Medicine, having a best friend is good for anyone’s mental health. When stressed, their presence lowers levels of stress hormone (cortisol) the body releases.

2. It boosts brainpower.

Having a solid social circle even until old age can reduce the chance of getting dementia. Those tales of old grandparents tell, improve the cognitive functions of their brain, which is usually on the decline in old age. And they feel better discussing it with best friends or same-sex friends.

It is also good for physical health. Having a male friend who shares your goals and motivation will inspire you to achieve your fitness goals as well. Ensuring they are physically fit.

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3. Bromance Challenges The Male Stereotype.

It allows men to be themselves. Men are free to be vulnerable, open, and personal without losing their sense of masculinity. It makes it easy for men to speak openly while putting their feelings on display, rather than bottling them in. These men become more secure with themselves and in touch with their feelings.

4. It Allows Men Have Elevated Emotional Stability.

Sure, their relationship with their spouse or the opposite sex makes them feel closer. But adding a bromance to the mix enhances emotional disclosure and better communication. That’s because they now have another partner who understands them on a deeper level.

Adulthood has a way of making us become isolated and self-reliant. Loneliness in old age comes with negative effects on both physical and psychological health. And these days, we see a lot of men ending up alone in old age. But having lasting, strong bonds of friendship is necessary for balanced well-being.

So men, make out time to build deep connections with fellow men. Let’s normalize bromance in Nigeria and watch our society blossom holistically.


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This article was first published on 4th April 2022


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