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  Mangoes are in season. There’s no better way to use them than to make smoothies. The weather is still annoyingly hot so having something cold, sweet and perfectly healthy to drink makes me happy. 
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This mango-banana smoothie was made with just four ingredients. Yet, it was thick, delicious and creamy. It was easy to prepare and it was quite filling too. I used very ripe mangoes for this smoothie. Their concentrated natural sugar gave my smoothie the sweetness it needed. But if your sweet tooth will not allow you to make this smoothie without sweetener, then, by all means, add honey, date syrup or maple syrup to yours.  I also used plain unsweetened yoghurt for this smoothie. But if you have Greek yoghurt, you can use it for that extra creaminess. Finally, I  used frozen fruits to make this smoothie;  but if you want to make it with fresh fruits, you might need to blend the ingredients with some ice. Ingredients 3 Mangoes 4 Bananas  Plain Unsweetened Yoghurt Milk (Optional)
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Method of Preparation Peel the bananas, slice them up and place them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Cut the mangoes open one after the other; while cutting the mangoes, take great care to separate as much flesh from the seed as possible. Chop the mango flesh into cubes and scoop them into a plate. Cover it and place it in the freezer. Let me mention here that I usually freeze my fruits overnight because that’s when we usually have light. But if you prefer, you can freeze till firm; if you have constant power supply, that should take about an hour or two. Now, if you freeze your fruits overnight, you should give it at least fifteen minutes to thaw after taking them out of freezer. Afterwards, transfer them to a clean blender or  food processor. Add the yoghurt and blend the ingredients till they are smooth and well combined. Check the smoothie. If it’s too thick, you can add some milk to it to loosen it up a bit. Otherwise, pour the smoothie into chilled glasses then serve and enjoy. Let me conclude by saying that this smoothie can be enjoyed at any time of the day but when you have it as a cool afternoon drink in this hot Nigeria, it hits differently, I tell you. Featured Image Source: Purely Kaylie19
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This article was first published on 7th April 2022


Udevi, Obiamaka Angela holds a Master of Arts degree in History & International Studies. She's a freelance writer with a passion for food and healthy living. She can be contacted through her email address,

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