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Being fashionable is a necessity. Elegance, Finesse, Etiquette, Style and Confidence. The following outfits embody these words. classy 1 Photo credit: Every woman has the right to look impeccable and stunning. Are you wondering how some women always look so put together? It is simply about taking pride in yourself and giving your best face when you head out into the world. The main requirement to looking classy and dashing is by adopting the right approach, bearing in mind that your dressing and attitude go side by side in enhancing your overall personality. classy 2 Photo credit: Create inner style and sophistication that stands out with positive energy. When stepping out, be conscious of clothes or accessories that compliment you. Note that less could mean more and try not to go overboard. Most small enough basics are large enough to be noticed – throw on a few natural looking items such as a neutral shade of lipstick, a bit of mascara, stud earrings and a hint of blush. classy 3 Photo credit: Follow proper etiquette, read up on trends, and most importantly make sure to develop your own fashion style. classy 4 Photo credit:   Feature image photo credit:

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This article was first published on 2nd April 2018


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