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  Nigeria’s first indigenous ride-hailing company, RG Cabs Company Limited, is set to launch its mobile App on December 2nd, 2020. During an interview with Connect Nigeria, the Founder of the company, Clinton Osarogie, disclosed that the brand which commenced operations in November 2017, registered officially in 2018 for manual services, and is currently rebranding in 2020, and will launch its QuickGo App by December 2, 2020. The App is meant to connect riders with drivers.
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An excited Osarogie also revealed that the QuickGo App comes with packages which afford riders the opportunity to reach their destination with as low as 200 Naira. Osarogie noted that RG Cab’s QuickGo App has distinct features from other ride-hailing services which are summed up in four categories:
  1. The Light category which affords riders the opportunity to reach their destination with a minimum of 280 Naira.
  2. The Executive category with a minimum of 350 Naira.
  3. The Mini Van category which operates at a minimum cost of 400 Naira. Here, a group of 6-8 persons can order for a mini-van and save themselves the cost of having to spend more by reaching their destination separately.
  4. The QuickGo Buses. This package operates at a minimum cost of 450 Naira. People could order for buses for their journeys here and experience comfort at a very cheap cost compared to travelling with public buses.
The Buses and mini-vans are via scheduling on the app. Another unique feature in the QuickGo App is its news and blog sessions which educate customers on safe places they can visit if they are new in a state where RG Cabs operate. It also affords residents of a city the opportunity to see tourist sites and places they were hitherto unaware of and offers to transport them to these destinations at a very affordable cost. Quizzed on the motivation behind setting up the brand, Osarogie stated that the need for safety and affordability in the Nigerian transport sector enforced his resolve to establish something better for Nigerians.
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‘I have noticed that it is rare for Nigerians to come across a means of transporting themselves to destinations safely and at an affordable rate. RG Cabs was set up to solve this problem alongside ensuring our customers enjoy comfort with our services.’ Clinton Osarogie
Further, Osarogie disclosed plans to ensure the security of customers in a time when Nigerians have complained about the insecurity of hailing services. To assure customers of their safety, each driver before becoming part of the RG Cabs team comes to the company’s office alongside a guarantor who can be reached if the driver goes missing. The company officials will also pay a visit to a driver’s home as part of security moves before registering them. With 24/7 customer service support, riders are afforded the platform to report complains and dissatisfactions to the company. Also, drivers will undergo training meant to examine them psychologically and educate them on world-class customer service delivery. For a start, RG Cabs is only in two states (Rivers state and Edo state) RG Cabs is available online in the whole of River State except Portharcourt where they operate offline. In Edo State. However, they operate only in Benin City, both offline and online. Osarogie hinted that the company is already working towards expanding to Lagos, Abuja, and every part of Nigeria as he revealed the brand’s goal to go global.
‘For now, we are available for customers in Port Harcourt and Benin City, but we are already making moves towards expanding to other parts of the federation. We visited Lagos and Abuja recently. Our intention is to be available in all 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. RG Cabs’ goal is to go global with extension to other African countries in a few years time before we hit other continents.’ Osarogie
With a projection of 1000 drivers and 3000 registered users by the end of December 2020, RG Cabs is, without doubt, a great platform for job creation. Get The App:
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This article was first published on 30th November 2020 and updated on December 9th, 2020 at 11:41 am


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