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  The manufacturing environment is very competitive, and so SMEs do not only need to improve their productivity, but also do it fast. The industrial output of Nigeria’s economy is largely contributed by SMEs, so productivity at SMEs should not be taken for granted by any chance.
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Below are 6 ways to stay productive as an SME:
  1. Make Plans

Learn to plan your day before it starts, if it’s not on your calendar, don’t do it. Always set timeframes for events of the day from responding to client calls, to marketing activities, to research and personal development. Try not to multitask as much as possible, focusing on one task at a time enables you to gain momentum and increase productivity as you avoid distractions. If you do everything right, you can avoid being disorderly.
  1. Delegate Your Work

To ensure that things run smoothly in a company and for accountability, delegation has to be the order of the day, and so before work starts, spend time assigning work to your staff and make sure they are all well aware of their assigned roles and responsibilities. This way, everyone can work simultaneously instead of waiting on each other to get work done.
  1. Review Your Goals

The first thing to be done before the start of a workday should be the reviewing of the goals set for the previous day. This makes you aware of lapses and helps you to be better organized for the next day. This habit allows your goals to stick to your mind, thereby, making you more consistent in taking action towards these goals.
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  1. Have A Conducive Environment

Staff perform better once they feel comfortable. Be sure your work environment isn’t always filled with tension or pressure by intentionally chipping in interesting activities such as team-building exercises or lunch get-togethers. This keeps the morale of your staff high, thus, making the organization more efficient.
  1. Be Disciplined

A company that lacks discipline cannot achieve much. This is because rules and regulations of a company need to be adhered to in order to maintain a cohesive workforce and control employee behaviour. Bad behaviour at the workplace distorts the work culture and this would lead to little or no productivity. Employees are most likely to obey the rules when they know that the rules are not a joke and that disobedience comes with a penalty.
  1. Take Breaks

To be productive requires you to occasionally take breaks to restrategize and come back with renewed energy. To avoid break downs, there should be times scheduled basically for rest or retreats and whatever trainings may be needed  to be carried out in order to keep you focused on your goals and keep productivity up. Being productive helps you get more done with less time. This isn’t always a cinch, most times, it is really difficult. But working smart in a conducive environment by consistently creating schedules and reviewing your goals with discipline would go a long way in keeping you on track. Featured Image Source: Time Doctor Blog
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This article was first published on 17th January 2022


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