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By Nehi Igbinijesu       Come dine with me Mr. Dove And we will many a problem solve Bring the mountains down to valleys Evading mudslides and darkened alleys And we will crouch under the oaks Having drunk our fill from flinty rocks Sweetened by the breezy rush O misty waterfalls in biosterious flush   And I will feed you sweets of corn meal And a trillion seeds from the redhill granary A little keg of palm wine and tigernuts Roasted wild in the sunny azimuth   Then shall you be mine to have and hold Bathing deep to the bottomless very cold For a Kraken, very feared yet little loved Has Cupid struck from above   How shall you swim o Mr. Dove Drown you must in my sea of love From whence hath it ever been told Yet a dove lay by ugly Kraken bold Tis love they say wound heal all Yet die doth dove in very first fall   This Poem is part of the anthology of 30 Poems titled: “Dirges of The Niger” By Nehi Igbinijesu.

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This article was first published on 4th January 2013


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